London Bridge terror attack: Spanish royal family sends condolences to Ignacio Echevarría's family

The Spaniard leapt to the defence of a woman who was being attacked by the London Bridge terrorists

The Spanish royal family has sent condolences to the family of Ignacio Echevarría, a victim of the London Bridge terror attack. Ignacio, from Madrid, was last seen on Saturday trying to help a woman as she was stabbed by the attackers at Borough Market. The 39-year-old attempted to defend the woman with his skateboard; he was on his way home from an evening of skateboarding with friends in a nearby park.

Hero bouncer describes moment he fought terrorists

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Ignacio's family have since confirmed his death, although the Metropolitan Police have yet to release an official statement. A tweet was posted on the Spanish royal family's official Twitter account, reading: "Our condolences to the family of Ignacio Echevarría, an example of dignity and heroism against criminal and cowardly terror." Ignacio's two brothers and sisters confirmed that he had bravely died during the attack. They travelled to the UK after waiting a number of days without information.

Ignacio Echevarría died trying to save another woman at Borough Market

"We want to see and be with Ignacio's body," his sister Ana said. "It seems we won't be able to be with his body before Friday at the earliest." His sister Isabel took to social media to praise his courage, saying: "My brother Ignacio tried to stop the terrorists and lost his life trying to save others." Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy also echoed these thoughts, saying Ignacio had carried out a "heroic and exemplary act," and said he had recommended that Ignacio be awarded an order of civil merit posthumously.

The number of fatalities from Saturday's attack has risen to eight, although only five victims have been officially identified by police. They are: Kirsty Boden; Christine Archibald, 30, a Canadian national; Sara Zelenak, 21, an Australian national; Sebastien Belanger, 36, a French national; and Alexandre Pigeard, 26, a French national.