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What sort of dad will Prince Harry be? We asked an astrologer to chart his horoscope

Will he be serious or silly?

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Carla Challis
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This is a big year for Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle, who are prepping for the birth of their first child. As the world waits with baited breath for the new arrival, we thought we'd delve into Prince Harry's astrological chart to see what the stars predict the next few months will bring for him; astrologer Venus&Vesta reveals all:

A serious father

The Duke of Sussex has always been the royal we can trust to make a joke and give a friendly or amusing turn to any speech or occasion, but becoming a father this year is going to bring out his serious side with the planets urging him to take a more responsible and authoritarian attitude. We wouldn't think of Prince Harry as being a strict father, but baby Sussex will be put on a regular routine by his/her doting dad as the serious, father-like planet, Saturn, sits on Harry's ascendant (his rising sign) and works with his natal sun and moon all year long.

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The effects of stern Saturn will bring out Harry's army training, increasing his chances of becoming firmer and more commanding, as he puts his own fatherly spin on baby care and also on his lifestyle. It's not just Harry's military career working to great effect, but his sun sign Virgo ability to create a plan and stick to it, which will enable him to enjoy the routines involved in caring for a baby – Prince Harry is going to show us how it's done.

Prince Harry and wife Meghan

Loving side

There are two Libra full moons, one in March and one in April and they bring out Prince Harry's most loving side, since he has the planet Venus in Libra and this bodes well for the Sussexes' move to Windsor (and Libra rules the home section of Meghan's chart). Baby Sussex is said to be due at the end of April or the beginning of May, which makes the baby to most likely be a Taurean and this will connect with the Duke's natal moon, also in Taurus. This connection between baby and father is especially loving and gives them a deep understanding of each other which will be very sweet to watch.

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The eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn in July and December will affect the fab four royals more than most and they will play to the Duke of Sussex's advantage. On one side both the princes will be working together to update the monarchy and at the time of the eclipses we may see new initiatives being announced and Harry could well be in the driving seat of these. On the other side, they promote the Duke's more caring, family side and we could see him draw Meghan and her mother closer into his own family and do whatever he can to see his Duchess is supported and 'in the firm' of the monarchy.

The young royals

Modern family

It is true that becoming a father means you can't keep up with some friends and instead, make new associations with other parents and this will be true of the prince as Jupiter travels through the social section of his chart. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and here, may bring about some unexpected switches of alignments that not everyone will appreciate (since feisty Mars is involved), but as this occurs in lively Sagittarius, it gives Harry all the charm and diplomacy to create the right social structure around him that protects his new family. Prince Harry will be building the Dukedom of Sussex into a modern royal family that serves its purpose and the people.

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