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Meet the Luxembourg royal family tree – all you need to know about the House of Nassau-Weilburg

Unlike other monarchies, Luxembourg is ruled by a Grand Duke

Matthew Moore
Online News Writer & Diversity and Inclusion Lead
May 24, 2024
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While some monarchies stretch back for centuries, Luxembourg's royal family is relatively young, only dating back to the 18th century when they were originally ruled by the Dutch royal house, known as the House of Orange-Nassau.

Nowadays, the House of Nassau-Weilburg rules over the European country, and unlike other monarchies which are ruled over by a King or Queen, Luxembourg is actually helmed by a Grand Duke. Nassau-Weilburg became the ruling house due to a family pact in 1783 which favoured male heirs over female heirs, so when Wilhelmina became Queen of the Netherlands, Luxembourg named Adolphe as its Grand Duke.

Women have ruled Luxembourg, with Grand Duchesses Marie-Adelaide and Charlotte ruling from 1912 to 1964 consecutively. Today, the Grand Duke is Henri, although he has signalled his plans to abdicate in the future.

Read on for all you need to know about the House of Nassau-Weilburg…

Family tree

The Luxembourg royal family tree© HELLO!
The Luxembourg royal family tree

Grand Duke Jean

Grand Duke Jean in a suit© Action Press/Shutterstock
Grand Duke Jean ruled from 1964 to 2000

Born on 5 January 1921, Jean was the Grand Duke of Luxembourg between 1964 and 2000, when he abdicated. Jean was the eldest child of Grand Duchess Charlotte and Prince Felix and was the heir apparent from his birth.

As a teenager, Jean lived in France, Portugal and New York City after his family fled the kingdom following Germany's invasion of the country in 1940 as part of World War II. Jean joined the British military, seeing combat during the Battle of Caen and the liberations of Brussels and Luxembourg. Due to his position in the British Army, where he served as Colonel of the Regiment of the Irish Guards, Jean would take part in Trooping the Colour processions behind the late Queen Elizabeth II until his 2000 abdication.

In October 1952, Jean became engaged to Belgian royal Princess Josephine-Charlotte, and despite rumours that the marriage was arranged for diplomatic reasons, a love blossomed between the duo and they walked down the aisle on 9 April 1953. The couple welcomed five children: Archduchess Marie-Astrid, Grand Duke Henri, Prince Jean, Princess Margaretha and Prince Guillaume.

Jean became Grand Duke in 1964 when his mother, Charlotte, abdicated from the throne. During Jean's reign, Luxembourg was transformed into a major financial hub of Europe and he won plaudits from other countries. In 2000, Jean abdicated in favour of his son, Henri, before retiring from royal duties in 2002.

In 2016, Jean was hospitalised with bronchitis and was released a week later. However, on 23 April 2019, he died in hospital at the age of 98 following a pulmonary embolism.

Princess Josephine-Charlotte

Princess Josephine-Charlotte clinking glasses with King Albert© Isopress/Shutterstock
Princess Josephine-Charlotte came from the Belgian royal family

Born on 11 October 1927, Princess Josephine-Charlotte was born into the Belgian royal family as the eldest child of King Leopold III and Princess Astrid of Sweden. During World War II, Josephine-Charlotte briefly lived in France and Spain before returning home where she was held prisoner alongside the rest of the Belgian royals. Following the war, Josephine-Charlotte studied in Switzerland and would often spend time in Luxembourg with her godmother, Grand Duchess Charlotte.

In 1948, she met Charlotte's son, Jean, and in 1952 they became engaged before walking down the aisle in 1953 and subsequently welcoming five children. Josephine-Charlotte became the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg in 1964 when her husband inherited the throne following Charlotte's abdication.

The royal's main interests when it came to her duties included social, cultural and humanitarian issues, becoming the president of the Luxembourg Red Cross and several cultural institutions in the country.

On 10 January 2005, Josephine-Charlotte died at the age of 77. The royal had been suffering from lung cancer ahead of her death.

Archduchess Marie-Astrid

Archduchess Marie-Astrid in an orange dress© Pascal Le Segretain
Archduchess Marie-Astrid is the older sister of Grand Duke Henri

Born on 17 February 1954, Marie-Astrid is the eldest daughter of Grand Duke Jean and Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte, however, due to male-favoured primogeniture rules, she was never in line to the throne. Marie-Astrid was named after the Virgin Mary, and her late grandmother, Princess Astrid, who died in a car accident in 1935.

Reports in the 1970s claimed that Marie-Astrid was due to be proposed to by Britain's Prince Charles, however, this never panned out and on 6 February 1982 she married Archduke Carl Christian of Austria. The couple have welcomed five children: Archduchess Marie-Christine (b. 1983), Archduke Imre (b. 1985), Archduke Christoph (b. 1988), Archduke Alexander (b. 1990) and Archduchess Gabriella (b. 1994).

Grand Duke Henri

Grand Duke Henri giving a speech© Horacio Villalobos
Henri is the current Grand Duke of Luxembourg

Born on 16 April 1955, Grand Duke Henri is the current monarch of Luxembourg, assuming the throne on 7 October 2000. He became the heir apparent when he was just nine years old following the abdication of his grandmother, Grand Duchess Charlotte.

During his education, Henri studied political science and during his studies he met Cuban-born María Teresa Mestre y Batista, a fellow student. The couple began dating and walked down the aisle on 14 February 1981 and have welcomed five children: Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, Prince Felix, Prince Louis, Princess Alexandra and Prince Sebastien.

Henri ascended to the throne in 2000, but his reign hasn't always been plain sailing. In 2008, the constitution of the country was amended after he refused to sign into law a bill around assisted dying. The changes meant that his signature was now automatic even if he disagreed with the proposed legislation. A report, titled the Waringo report, was released in 2020 that criticised the running of the monarchy and a "culture of fear" within the workforce, ultimately calling for reform of the monarchy.

Like his father and grandmother, Henri is planning to one day abdicate, recently telling French publication La Libre that he had a "date in mind" although he wouldn't reveal when he planned to step down.

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa at a symposium© Patrick van Katwijk
Maria Teresa hails from Cuba

Born as María Teresa Mestre y Batista on 22 March 1956, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa is the wife of Grand Duke Henri, with the pair walking down the aisle in 1981. Maria Teresa was born in Cuba, but her family fled for New York City following the Cuban Revolution.

During her time as a royal, Maria Teresa has had a keen interest in the charity sector, working for UNESCO, UNICEF, the Luxembourg Red Cross and an initiative that aims to end sexual violence in "fragile environments".

The royal has faced criticism for treatment of staff with a 2020 report highlighting a "culture of fear" and in 2023, the prime minister commissioned a report into treatment of staff.

Prince Jean

Prince Jean in a grey suit© Niviere David/ABACAPRESS.COM/Shutterstock
Jean forefitted his rights to the throne

Born on 15 May 1957, Jean is the third child of Grand Duke Jean and Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte and the twin brother of Princess Margaretha. Following his studies, Jean completed military training at Sandhurst before moving into the financial sector and water industry.

In 1986, Jean renounced his right of succession to the throne and a year later married Helene Vestur. The couple welcomed four children: Princess Marie-Gabrielle (b. 1986), Prince Constantin (b. 1988), Prince Wenceslas (b. 1990) and Prince Carl Johan (b. 1992). However, on 13 December 2004, Jean and Helene divorced. Five years later, the prince married Diane de Guerre.

Princess Margaretha

Princess Margaretha in a purple outfit© Action Press/Shutterstock
Princess Margaretha married into the Liechtenstein royal family

Born on 15 May 1957, Margaretha is the fourth child of Grand Duke Jean and Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte and the twin sister of Prince Jean. She obtained a doctorate in social sciences and subsequently became a patron of Dyslexia International.

On 20 March 1982, Margaretha walked down the aisle with another royal, Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein, the younger brother of the current monarch of the country. The duo have welcomed four children: Prince Leopold, who sadly died on the day of his birth, Princess Maria-Anunciata (b. 1985), Princess Marie-Astrid (b. 1987) and Prince Josef-Emanuel (b. 1989)

Prince Guillaume

Princess Sibilla walking with Prince Guillaume© Pascal Le Segretain
Guillaume is the youngest brother of Grand Duke Henri

Born on 1 May 1963, Prince Guillaume is the youngest child of Grand Duke Jean and Grand-Duchess Josephine-Charlotte and is currently tenth in line to the throne. Guillaume is the only one of his parents' children still in line to the throne after his brother, Jean, sacrificed his rights, and his sisters being disbarred from inheriting the throne at the time of their births.

Guillaume has found a career in the financial sector and currently serves as the director of steel manufacturing company, ArcelorMittal.

On 8 September 1994, Guillaume walked down the aisle with Sibilla Sandra Weiller y Torlonia and the pair have welcomed four children: Prince Paul-Louis (b. 1998), Prince Leopold (b. 2000), Princess Charlotte (b. 2000) and Prince Jean (b. 2004). Although his sons are in line to the throne, Charlotte is not due to laws at the time of her birth.

In 2000, Guillaume and Sibilla were involved in a major car accident, with the prince falling into a coma for nearly a month. The accident prompted a pause in Guillaume's father's abdication, with it taking place a week later than originally planned.

Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume

Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume in military uniform© Max Mumby/Indigo
Guillaume is the heir to the Luxembourg throne

Born on 11 November 1981, Guillaume is the heir apparent to the throne of Luxembourg, and as such has carried the title of Hereditary Grand Duke since 2000. Guillaume's education has seen him study abroad in England, France and Switzerland and alongside his royal duties, the heir to the throne is a colonel in the country's military.

Guillaume kept his courtship of Countess Stephanie de Lannoy out of the press, only confirming he was dating a "dear miss" on his 30th birthday in 2011. A year later, the couple's engagement was confirmed and they walked down the aisle on 19 October 2012. The pair have welcomed two sons: Prince Charles and Prince Francois.

Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie

Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie in a blue outfit© Tim Rooke/Shutterstock
Stephanie hails from the House of Lannoy

Born as Stephanie de Lannoy on 18 February 1984, Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie is the wife of Hereditary Duke Guillaume. Stephanie is the youngest child of Count Philippe and Alix, who hail from the House of Lannoy, one of Belgium's oldest noble families.

Stephanie first met Guillaume in 2004, with the pair crossing paths while visiting Germany. However, they didn't start dating until 2009, following their second meeting, and their engagement was confirmed in 2012. With her husband, she has welcomed sons Charles and Francois.

Prince Felix

Prince Felix in a crowd of people© Sylvain Lefevre
Prince Felix is the younger brother of Grand Duke Henri

Born on 3 June 1984, Felix is the second child of Grand Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and is currently fourth in line to the throne. Although he joined Sandhurst during his education, Felix had to pull out of his studies following a knee injury.

Felix currently runs Château Les Crostes, a wine estate in France, and he also chairs the Lorgues Terre de Vins association, which aims to promote the town of Lorgues.

On 17 September 2013, Felix walked down the aisle with Claire Lademacher, and the pair have welcomed three children: Princess Amalia, Prince Liam and Prince Balthazar. The couple's daughter made history as the first female to be allowed in the line of succession while male heirs to the throne were still alive. Her grandfather, Grand Duke Henri, changed the rules of succession to absolute primogeniture in 2011.

Princess Claire

Princess Claire in a silver dress and necklace© Sylvain Lefevre
Princess Claire works in bioethics

Born as Claire Lademacher on 21 March 1985, Princess Claire is the wife of Prince Felix. Claire met her future husband while studying at Collège Alpin International Beau Soleil in Switzerland. The pair went public with their romance when they attended family weddings together, although they were required to sit separately.

Claire and Felix married on 17 September 2013 and have welcomed Princess Amalia, Prince Liam and Prince Balthazar. Alongside her husband, Claire runs the Château Les Crostes and she also works as a bioethics researcher.

Prince Louis

Prince Louis of Luxembourg in a crowd© Sylvain Lefevre
Louis and his sons are not in the line of succession

Born on 3 August 1986, Louis is the third child of Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa. He graduated from the Richmond American University London with a BA in arts and communications.

Louis renounced his rights in the line of succession when he married Tessy Antony, an NCO in the Luxembourg army, in 2006. The couple welcomed two sons: Prince Gabriel and Prince Noah, and like their father, they also aren't in line to the throne. Louis and Tessy divorced in 2019 with Tessy citing her husband's "unreasonable behaviour". Louis seemed to find love again with Scarlett-Lauren Sirgue, with their engagement confirmed in 2021, however, a year later the wedding was called off.

Princess Tessy

Princess Tessy in a white dress© Thomas Concordia
Tessy now lives in Switzerland following her split from Louis

Born on 28 October 1985 as Tessy Antony, Princess Tessy is the ex-wife of Prince Louis and the mother to his two children, Prince Gabriel and Prince Noah. Tessy and Louis first met when they served in the military with the couple welcoming their first child before their wedding on 29 September 2006.

Citing "unreasonable behaviour", Tessy divorced from Louis in 2019, giving up her royal titles. Tessy has since found love with Swiss businessman Frank Floessel, and they welcomed a son, Theodor, on 26 August 2021.

Princess Alexandra

Princess Alexandra in a tiara and multicoloured dress© Sylvain Lefevre
Princess Alexandra welcomed her first child in 2024

Born on 16 February 1991, Alexandra is the only daughter of Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and is eighth in line to the throne. From her birth, Alexandra was initially excluded from the line of succession, but after Henri issued a decree for absolute primogeniture, her place was restored.

On 22 April 2023, Alexandra walked down the aisle with Nicolas Bagory and the pair welcomed their daughter, Princess Victoire, on 14 May 2024.

Prince Nicolas

Princess Alexandra and Prince Nicolas walking at a wedding ceremony© Niviere David/ABACAPRESS.COM/Shutterstock
Nicolas married into the royal family in 2023

Born as Nicolas Bagory on 11 November 1988, Nicolas is the husband of Princess Alexandra after walking down the aisle with her on 22 April 2023. Nicolas has mostly stayed out of the spotlight, but he was born in Brittany, France, and studied political science and classics at university. He now works in "the creation of social and cultural projects."

Prince Sebastien

Prince Sebastien in a suit© Sylvain Lefevre
Sebastien currently serves in the military

Born on 16 April 1992, Prince Sebastien is the youngest child of Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and is tenth in line to the throne. Following his education, Sebastien studied at Sandhurst Military Academy and subsequently joined the Luxembourg military, where he serves as a platoon commander.

Prince Charles

Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie holding Prince Charles of Luxembourg© Arnold Jerocki
Prince Charles will one day be Grand Duke of Luxembourg

Born on 10 May 2020, Prince Charles is the oldest son of Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie and is second in line to the throne. Due to the coronavirus pandemic at the time, Charles was introduced to his grandparents via video call.

Prince Francois

Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie carrying a baby Prince Francois© Laurent Blum/dana press/Shutterstock
Prince Francois was born in 2023

Born on 27 March 2023, Prince Francois is the youngest child of Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie. Adorable photos released for his first birthday saw the young royal blowing out candles on his cake alongside his older brother.

Princess Amalia

Prince Felix and Prince Liam standing with Princess Claire and Princess Amalia© Robin Utrecht/dana press/Shutterstock
Amalia benefitted from changes to the line of succession

Born on 15 June 2014, Princess Amalia is the oldest child of Prince Felix and Princess Claire and is fifth in line to the throne. Princess Amalia was a benefactor of Grand Duke Henri's changes to rules around succession, making her the first female born into the Luxembourg royal family who was an heir to the throne at the time of her birth.

Prince Liam

Princess Amalia with Prince Liam, Princess Claire and Prince Felix© Arnold Jerocki
Prince Liam had his christening at the Vatican

Born on 28 November 2016, Prince Liam is the middle child of Prince Felix and Princess Claire and is sixth in line to the throne. Prince Liam was actually christened at the Vatican, with the service being held on 26 April 2017.

Prince Balthazar

Prince Felix with Princess Amalia, Prince Balthazar, Princess Claire and Prince Liam© Instagram
Balthazar was born in 2024

Born on 7 January 2024, Prince Balthazar is the youngest child of Prince Felix and Princess Claire and is seventh in line to the throne. A statement at the time of his birth read: "It is with great joy that we announce the birth of our son. The prince was born on 7th January 2024 at the Maternité Grande-Duchesse Charlotte. The newborn Prince will be named Balthasar Felix Karl. He weighs 3.220 kg (7lbs 1 oz) and measures 50 cm. Prince Balthasar and Princess Claire are in perfect health. Félix and Claire with Amalia and Liam."

Prince Gabriel

Prince Louis of Luxembourg sat with Prince Gabriel© Sylvain Lefevre
Prince Gabriel has an interest in animals

Born on 12 March 2006, Prince Gabriel is the oldest son of Prince Louis and Princess Tessy and was the first grandchild of Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa. Gabriel was born out of wedlock, and when his father relinquished his rights to the throne, Gabriel's claim was also erased.

Speaking to Royal News following his 18th birthday, Gabriel revealed he planned to take a gap year in New Zealand before heading to university. On his future, he mused that he would like to work with supporting animals.

Prince Noah

Prince Gabriel standing with Prince Louis of Luxembourg and Prince Noah© Arnold Jerocki
Noah is the younger son of Prince Louis and Princess Tessy

Born on 21 September 2007, Prince Noah is the youngest child of Prince Louis and Princess Tessy. Speaking to HELLO! about her sons, Tessy said: "I give them a task and say: 'How about you do it yourself and if you have a problem, you tell me.' I try and teach them to become a more independent and confident student, although it doesn't always work and sometimes they can be a bit tired and distracted – similar to us adults."

Princess Victoire

Born on 14 May 2024, Princess Victoire is the first child of Princess Alexandra and Prince Nicolas. A statement announcing her birth read: "The Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess have the great joy of announcing the birth of their granddaughter Victoire, first child of their daughter Alexandra and their son-in-law Nicolas, born this Tuesday, May 14 in Paris. Both mother and child are doing well."

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