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I tried Trinny Woodall's new BFF All Day Foundation during the heatwave and here's my honest opinion

Trinny Woodall has launched a new foundation and it's a winner… 

trinny london review
Leanne Bayley
Leanne BayleyDirector of Lifestyle & Commerce
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This weather is a tough one when it comes to foundation. I'm not complaining - I love the hot weather but I'm not a fan of working in it, let's be honest. I also find doing my makeup a real waste of time as it just slides off my face - is anyone else finding that? I can't be alone. 

When a press sample of Trinny Woodall's new Trinny London BFF All Day Foundation landed on my desk earlier this week I thought, 'A-HA! I'm going to put this through the ultimate test - and try it during this scorcher of a week.' I mean, it's not the most original of stories and I'm sure there are plenty more articles and reviews similar out there, but entertain me for a moment, will you? 

So, what do you need to know about me? Well, I'm turning forty next year. I wear foundation every day, and while I'm not loyal to one in particular, I do have my favourites. Trinny London's new one can be added to that list of favourites. Not quite sure if it tops the list, but I am very impressed with it. 

I'm not a newbie to the Trinny London hype - in fact, I'm a longtime devotee and I regularly buy the BFF SPF 30 Cream (which is more like a tinted moisturiser). But with that, I always have to wear a foundation over the top as it just doesn't give me the coverage I desire. Thankfully, Trinny Woodall has come to the rescue with this new addition to her makeup line. Well, it's kind of new, it's a tweaked version of the BFF Rebalance Serum Foundation she brought out a while back. I tried that one, I quite liked it but I found it a bit runny. 

It's now elevated to elite status. Yes, I said elite.  

Scroll down to read my review... 

trinny london bff all day

With an extended range of 18 stretchable shades, this lightweight - yet long-wearing foundation - gives a natural matte finish that stays flawless all day and night long, whilst providing coverage without that dreaded cakey feeling.

Because that's the thing, I want a natural skin-like finish, but I also want to even my skin tone, blur the fine lines and blend over the annoying pimples that keep cropping up. I also want long-lasting coverage.  

Trinny London foundation review© Leanne Bayley
A quick selfie to show you the coverage of the Trinny London BFF All Day Foundation

BFF All Day is enriched with pro-ceramide and vitamin B3 to bring out the best of your complexion, and the skin-loving formula smooths, boosts hydration, and reduces the appearance of fine lines, making it the perfect coverage you can rely on all day long.

My verdict on BFF All Day

I wore this during one of the hottest days of the year. Honestly, I felt like I was melting all day. I applied at 7am and washed my face for bed at 9pm. Don't get me wrong, I was a little shiny by that point, but the makeup was still there and it didn't gather in patches or separate. I honestly was shocked. It's a dream to apply, Trinny recommends that you stipple it on, which isn't usually a method I do, but I quite liked it for this product. You can also apply with your fingers as well. I had to use two pumps for the coverage I prefer so I do worry I'd get through this quite fast. Though, I say that about my BFF SPF 30 Cream and it weirdly lasts me quite a long time and it's in similar sized packaging. 

If you're after a foundation that makes you look like a Kardashian - this isn't it. This is the kind of foundation that the every-woman wears - this is no bad thing. I will keep this for every day, but I doubt I'd use it for a night out-out. 

It's priced at £39/$54 which I think is fairly standard for a luxe foundation these days. You get three samples with every order (which I love). If you want more lightweight foundation ideas, check out more of my favourites

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