The Danish crown prince was photographed as he strolled along the waterfront during preparations for the regatta. He is currently indulging his passion for sailing off the shores of Florida
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Frederik joins his teammates to register for the competition. With 260 yachts taking part, there will be some stiff competition for the main prize
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When the Key West Regatta gets underway this week off the coast of Florida, one vessel will probably attract more attention than all the rest - that being skippered by Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.

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The Danish royal, who is well-known for his skills as a yachtsman, has been enjoying a break from official duties by indulging his passion for sailing. The dad-of-one will have is work cut out to take victory in the competition, however, as seven of the top ten finishers from last year's world championship are among the 260 yachts taking part.

While high jinks on the high seas are guaranteed to lure those with a taste for watersports, they are by no means the only pastime Florida has to offer. The state is famous for its sun-kissed beaches and breathtaking natural parks, while visitors can also visit areas inhabited by the Seminole and Miccosukee communities, where holidaymakers are invited to witness Native American traditions at first hand.

Those looking for a little more action won't want to miss the buzzing metropolis of Miami, which is famous for its hip nightlife and cosmopolitan culture. And no trip to the city would be complete without a stroll through Little Havana, where the Cuban population has established a little of their homeland in the United States.


Crown Prince Frederik