Gourmet Brussels in seven steps

Throughout 2012, Brussels is celebrating a veritable year of gastronomy with culinary and cultural events pervading all corners of the city. So, if you're planning a visit to the Belgian capital, check out our suggestions to make sure you get the most out of your trip.

Tip 1: Plan your route. Pop into the Office of Tourism and pick up a map (.50€ - about 30p) outlining one of the gastronomy trails organised by the city. There are three separate routes: Sweet Tooths, Gourmet, or Typical foods.


Tip 2: Take in the Tram Experience. The tram is an integral part of daily life in Brussels and as part of the Brusselicious celebrations, visitors can discover the city aboard a special restaurant tram.

Tip 3: Try a themed menu. A different theme has been chose for each month. The themes range from Victor Hugo, dinosaurs, comics, slow food... and all have close links that tie them to the city.

Tip 4: Check out the sights. Admire the supersized monumental artworks, sculptures and statues designed by European artists and dedicated to gastronomy on display in streets and squares all around the city.

Tip 5: Get off on the right foot. Many Brussels hotels are offering special Brusselicious Breakfasts focusing on typical local products.

Tip 6: Attend an event. Throughout the year, numerous culinary events will be celebrated across the city: Chocolate Week, PiQniQ in the Park, Savouring Brussels, Brussels Wine Week, Belgian Beer Festival, Dinner in the Sky and many more.

Tip 7: Be creative. There are worshops planned, too, for individuals and groups to learn about food and beer pairing, chocolate making, etc.

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