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Escape to paradise – in affordable luxury

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Many of us dream of travelling as far afield as Zanzibar in Tanzania, or the Yucatan in Mexico, but are held back by the sheer expense.Well now it's possible to experience amazing travel adventures – and all in home comfort.As the saying goes, ‘any friend of yours is a friend of ours’, and this is the principle behind new website


With lavish properties ranging from private villas that come complete with a serpentine pool and chef, to stylish, elegant and innovative pieces of architecture, the site offers exclusive homes to friends and family that perhaps wouldn't have otherwise had access.Not only does renting a second home allow a unique way of viewing the authentic but it also offers an economic solution to living the highlife abroad.Instead of residing in typical tourist destinations, you can overlook the False Bay in Cape Town, experience a jungle bungalow in Sri Lanka's tea plantations, or share family moments among the shores of Cyprus.

A villa in the Yucatan, Mexico

Whether you want to rent your property or simply stay in a destination of luxury, AFOO is an exclusive network where trusted, liked-minded people can make the most out of second homes in a safe, secure and innovative way.So entrusting personal possessions and carefully chosen soft furnishings to others need not be so daunting, and many luxury villas can be more widely used instead of sitting empty for vast stretches of the year.

A luxurious stone villa in Italy

Whether you want to travel the seven seas in the relaxing comfort of a yacht, reach the far corners of the earth, or even stay in the UK to explore historical sites, now you can do it without breaking the bank.

Prices start around the same mark as many hotels and, for the space and service these properties provide, present an offer difficult to resist.

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