Primark launches brand new inflatables - and they are even better than last year's

They're all under £10!

Fiona Ward

Primark caused a total sell-out last summer when it launched its own range of affordable inflatables - you know, the adorable unicorn and pizza slice blow-ups inspired by Taylor Swift's infamous Instagram snap with then-boyfriend Calvin Harris (she confirmed their relationship by posting a photo of them posing on none other than an inflatable swan). Since then, a cutesy pool float has become no less than a holiday essential for Instagram-worthy swimsuit snaps - and thankfully Primark has saved us again with its under £10 offerings. 


Primark's £1 blow-up cupholders

This year, the bargain store has gone a step further with its blow-up bounty by offering inflatable cup holders - because obviously we need our cocktails to float, too. Choose from an adorable burger bun or unicorn design, for a tiny £1 each, to keep your summer drink safe.

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The new range of pool floats are adorable

There's plenty of human-sized lilos to lounge on, too. The pizza slice has returned, this time joined by a ring-shaped burger - though some might argue it's a bagel, for accuracy - while another predicted big-seller is a glittery seashell, which is perfect for hen dos. It also has built-in cupholders. Bonus.


We bet the seashell will be the first to sell-out...

A mega-cute gumball machine, mermaid ring, tropical leaf design and banana print doughnut make up the rest of the range, which we think you'll agree is pretty exceptional - particularly since all the large floats come in at £10 or less. Now we just need to figure out how many we can fit in our suitcase…

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