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The trouble with bank holiday weekends - everyone has a better one than you

One HELLO! Writer explains why she hates bank holiday weekends...

The trouble with bank holiday weekends - everyone has a better one than you

Oh god, we’re about to embark on a bank holiday weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I love them - definitely not complaining about three days off work - but boy do they bring pressure. On a bank holiday weekend you want to be the type of woman who throws caution to the wind, the one who dashes off to the South of France for the long weekend or a trip to a luxury spa in the Cotswolds. I don’t know about you but I haven’t won the lottery this past week, have you?

Once I realise how foolish I am for even thinking of dropping a load of money for a weekend away, I realise I need to plan something and it needs to be fast. Cue back and forth WhatsApp messages with friends and family trying to come up with an epic plan. One that won’t require remortgaging. With every ‘I dunno, you decide’ reply, I can feel my anxiety levels rising. I know what’s going to happen - I’m not going to do anything. Well, there is one activity I’ll be doing - I’ll be on Instagram Stories watching people have the weekend I wanted. They’ll be there boomeranging the clinking of champagne glasses, posing for the ‘magic hour’ sunset shots and snapping their idyllic beach pics and I’ll just be… watching them. How miserable is that?!

Blogger Chiara Ferragni is always living her best life on Instagram

As much as I love Instagram, I hate the jealousy it brings. I know you shouldn’t ever believe 100% of what you see, but I can’t help it - the green-eyed monster is always there, comparing lifestyles, relationships, income and fun-ness. Is fun-ness a word? If it isn’t, it should be.

I still don’t have a plan for my weekend - do I do an epic clear out Marie Kondo style, asking my socks if they bring me joy? Or should I binge watch 13 Reasons Why 2 on Netflix? Or do I shop until I drop, buying clothes I realistically don’t need? Decisions decisions, Perhaps I’ll just dodge Instagram and just appreciate being around friends and family and not having to set my alarm for 6am.

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