10 of the best things to do on holiday at Kanuhura Maldives

Get ready to enter paradise...

One of the most beautiful places on earth undoubtedly has to be the Maldives. White sands, turquoise blue seas that look like an Instagram filter, tropical fish and a totally laid-back vibe, it is the traveller's destination of dreams. A great place to unwind, relax and totally de-stress - no cars, no traffic - just you, and the island. We took a trip to the picturesque Kanuhura Maldives - which totally lives up to its 'Unfettered Paradise' description. Just 30 minutes seaplane ride from Male International airport, the beach-perfect resort is generously sized but not overpowering - and there's so much to do - not just lazing around in your bikini (which is fine, too!)

 Its easy to see why they call Kanuhura Maldives 'Your unfettered paradise'

Sea cruises and boating

If you are an action kind of person - the resort has an enormous range of water activities. We recommend the water-based excursions in particular- you can take a trip on private boat and head towards the horizon or even try your hand at sailing on a catamaran. The further out you go, the more there is to see - we even managed to get a glimpse of dolphins! Talk about a breathtaking experience...

Fitness activities

Although a break in tropic paradise is the perfect opportunity to unwind - fitness fanatics who love to exercise during a holiday will be delighted to discover that there are lots of physical activities to take part in. From the Maldivian warrior workout to traditional Pilates and beach boot camp classes, there's something for all. Beach Zumba and kickboxing is available to guests and the impressive squash and tennis courts are not to be missed.

There's a huge range of water activities 

Deserted Island excursions

One of the most incredible excursions we took part in was the trip to Masleggihura - a  nearby deserted island. Take a trip by speedboat which takes all of 10 minutes to arrive - and you will have full reign of the island to explore - no one else is there but you and your own personal chef - who prepares a traditional grill lunch while you enjoy your surroundings.

Movie nights

Missing the cinema? Kanuhura hosts movie nights where you can watch Hollywood classics under the stars - all on the comfort of a bean bag with a cocktails on hand. Pure bliss at its finest.

Scuba diving

If you want to see what's beneath the stunning opal waters - a scuba diving experience is just what you need. Whether you have already had experience with diving or are an absolute beginner, there are courses for all - from three hour segments to supervised sessions with instructors. Make sure you take your underwater camera!

Enjoy drinks at the beach - we loved the Iru Beach Bar

Spa treatments

A holiday is the perfect excuse to take time out and have some 'me time'. A trip to the Kokaa Spa is a real treat not to be missed. The airy and spacious spa has one of the largest choices of treatments in the whole of the Maldives. After a personal consultation - we tried the Maldivian Theyo Dhemun massage which was an hour of blissful solitude. The polite and professional  therapist delivered a superb medium-pressure massage which is ideal to get to grips with muscular tension from the stresses of daily work.  After a treatment, enjoy the luxury spa facilities - a sauna, steam and jacuzzi plunge pool. The water temperature compliments the joints and a fluffy robe and slippers are just what you need to feel comfortable.

The water villas are beyond dreamy

Bike riding

The best way to get around the island is to hop on a bike! With each booking, you get a bike to call your own for the duration of your stay, and it's a great way to see all the picturesque views. There are also buggies available if you have luggage to carry.


There are five restaurants to choose from that you can dine at during your stay, and they're all of an incredibly high standard. We Loved A Mano - a  luxury all-day service which has an enormous array of delicacies. Breakfast is not to be missed - with tables that sit right on the beach, you can sample anything from chocolate croissants to exotic sushi. 

Cycle around the island in style - trust us, you will love it...


The place that is a huge hit on Instagram is the Iru Beach Bar. Watch the sunset from the beaded swings as you sip on a cocktail. There's even airy tee-pees that you can take refuge in if you want a break from the sun.

The rooms  

If you just want to stay in your room and enjoy spending time with your partner, this is the place to do it. From Beach Bungalows to Water Villas, there are 11 types of property to choose from.