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Proof Prince Charles and Camilla have the BEST time on royal tour! All the sweet giggling pictures

This pair have so much fun together…

charles camilla tour fun
Fiona Ward
Acting Fashion and Beauty Editor
5 July 2019
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charles camilla tour 1© Photo: Getty Images

We have no doubt that all royal couples look forward to their overseas tours together - but no one seems to be snapped giggling and having fun together as much as Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall! Whether it's sampling delicious delicacies, enjoying a local tipple or heading straight to the dance floor, this pair always look to be having the best time on their trips together. Isn't that lovely? 

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The couple recently visited Wales on a five-day tour, to celebrate Charles marking 50 years since his investiture as the Prince of Wales - and once again, they were photographed laughing and joking together and with members of the public as they undertook a packed schedule of engagements. Both are never shy of getting stuck in to try a new activity - scroll down to see all the happy photos from their royal tours over the years! 

charles camilla tour 2© Photo: Getty Images

During a landmark trip to Cuba in March 2019, Charles and Camilla tried their hand at making mojitos - they look pretty happy with them, we reckon…

charles camilla tour 3© Photo: Getty Images

The couple made history as the first members of the British royal family to visit Cuba in an official capacity. They certainly made up for lost time!

charles camilla tour 4© Photo: Getty Images

Prince Charles looked to be having a brilliant time trying his hand at grinding sugar cane during a visit to a paladar called Habanera, a privately owned restaurant.

charles camilla tour 5© Photo: Getty Images

The pair also had lots of fun going for a spin in a vintage car around the streets of Cuba. Camilla later joked: "You try getting out of that elegantly!" before saying of her husband: "He’s never going to leave, he loves his cars. He’s really rather in his element."

charles camilla tour 6© Photo: Getty Images

There's no doubt about it - Charles and Camilla can't resist a boogie! Camilla has even been graced with the nickname 'the dancing Duchess', and we can totally see why. Here, the couple are pictured dancing during a rock 'n' roll display in Christchurch, New Zealand.

charles camilla tour 7© Photo: Getty Images

We just love this shot of the Prince having a go at traditional Mexican clog dancing in November 2014! 

charles camilla tour 8© Photo: Getty Images

They tried their hand at a chapauringe dance in Zanzibar, Tanzania, too. Camilla, who is hidden from view, couldn't stop laughing at Charles' attempts! 

charles camilla tour 9© Photo: Getty Images

Charles and Camilla can rarely resist a tipple, either… we reckon the Prince was pretty enthusiastic about his tour of the the Bundaberg Rum distillery in Queensland during their visit in April 2018. Who can blame him? 

charles camilla tour 10© Photo: Getty Images

The couple had a right giggle as they drank whiskey from a Quaich given to them as a wedding gift at the 2005 Mey Highland Games! What was so funny, Camilla? 

charles camilla tour 11© Photo: Getty Images

Something was equally as amusing as they sampled wine during a 2017 visit to Austria! 

charles camilla tour 13© Photo: Getty Images

The pair couldn't stop laughing during their visit to New Zealand back in 2015, as Prince Charles holds a tuatara. In the moment, a large bumblebee had flown inside his jacket. 

charles camilla tour 14© Photo: Getty Images

Prince Charles laughs as his wife tries a traditional Zulu headdress she was gifted during a five day tour of South Africa in November 2011.

charles camilla tour 15© Photo: Getty Images

The couple loved meeting a giant tortoise during their 2009 visit to the Galapagos.

charles camilla tour 16© Photo: Getty Images

There's always time for treats! These cupcakes featured caricatures of Charles and Camilla on them, which they took in great spirits.