Stuntman Gary Connery: 'Queen lent me her bag'

Stuntman Gary Connery: 'Queen lent me her bag'

Gary Connery is the man behind the stunt that wowed viewers of the Olympics opening ceremony.

Having seen the Queen star in a spoof scene from James Bond, alongside actor Daniel Craig, spectators then held their breath as they saw what seemed to be the monarch parachuting into the stadium.

In a HELLO! Online exclusive intertview, stuntman Gary reveals that he was loaned a genuine handbag belonging to Her Majesty and wore a dress created by her dresser.

Of his exciting role he said: "The moment that I opened my parachute and the crowd realised something special was happening, I could hear them roar even from a height."

Danny Boyle, the director who masterminded the event, aimed to create a celebration for the people's Games.

Also among the 20,000-strong cast involved in the ceremony were NHS staff members such as Tiago Bravo and Adelle Tracey, a young athlete who carried the torch.

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Photo: © Rex

Friday August 3, 2012

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