Bleach reaction leaves Ali G star unable to sit for three days

Friday May 8, 2009

Ali G actor Sacha Baron Cohen had an allergic reaction to the hydrogen peroxide in a hair bleach which resulted in him being unable to sit down for three days, reports the Sun.  

He'd used the product to help him get in character as the protagonist in his next film, a gay Austrian fashion reporter.  

"Sacha is committed to as much realism as he can muster in his films," a source tells the newspaper.  

"He'd heard that all-over hairlessness is a popular trend in the gay community, so he thought he'd bleach all his hair so it looked invisible. But it quickly turned into a disaster.  

 "Shortly after having the procedure done he felt a burning sensation and it grew steadily worse. It was so severe around a certain part of his anatomy that he couldn't sit down for three days."  

Filming on the new film had to be adjusted around the comic's discomfort, but luckily no lasting harm was done.

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  • Bleach reaction leaves Ali G star unable to sit for three days

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