Heather Mills: 'My problem is I'm too nice'

Heather Mills: 'My problem is I'm too nice'

Heather Mills has told an employment tribunal she treated her former nanny - who is seeking compensation for sex discrimination and unfair dismissal - like a daughter.

With Sara Tumble claiming the charity campaigner treated her badly during her time working as her nanny, a tearful Heather revealed she is "absolutely devastated and deeply hurt" by the accusations.

Sir Paul McCartney's ex-wife went on to reveal that - "as is my history, being overly helpful Heather" - she hired Sara because she wanted to help her better herself.

She said the nanny did a "fabulous job" and was "adored" by daughter Beatrice. "I wasn't demanding and that's always been my problem," Heather says.

"I was too accommodating to Sara. if she didn't want to travel or didn't want to do something, I tried to be fair all the time."

The tribunal is expected to continue for a further two days.  

Wednesday March 31, 2010

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