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Questions over Princess Caroline's marriage as Ernst of Hanover increasingly absent


The Monegasque royal and her husband have not been seen together since an event in June
 Photo: © Rex


Reports suggest that Caroline has moved from the marital home near Paris back to Monaco, where she was seen enrolling their daughter Alexandra in school on Wednesday
 Photo: © Rex


Their marriage ten years ago signalled the start of a new beginning for a royal who had been so bitterly disappointed in love.

Princess Caroline tied the knot with Ernst of Hanover, the ex of her friend Chantal Hochuli,  on 23 January 1999 – after a first youthful union ended in divorce and her beloved second husband, Stefano Casiraghi died in a tragic boat crash.

The arrival of Caroline and Ernst's daughter Alexandra six months after their wedding seemed to make their happiness complete.

But now there are signs that a distance has crept between the discreet 52–year-old princess and her controversial German partner, who has more than once been in the news for incidents of public disorder.

The pair - once inseparable whether in Paris, at a party in Gstaad, Switzerland or a ball in Monte Carlo - have not been seen together since a showjumping competition in June, reports French magazine Point de Vue.

Caroline has been in her Provencale retreat or holidaying with her other children from the marriage with Stefano – Andrea, Pierre and Charlotte.

Fifty-five-year-old Ernst, meanwhile, was a guest at the 40th anniversary celebrations of the Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi in Tripoli.

Significantly, the Monegasque royal has enrolled their ten-year-old in a school in the principality, Ecole de la Condamine, suggesting no plans to return to the couple's marital home in Fontainbleau.

By all accounts, she plans to install herself once again in Clos St Pierre, the villa she has owned in Monaco for over two decades.


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