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Alesha Dixon - Gives rare insight into family life

The start of a new month or a new season - or a new term for many of our children! - always feels like the perfect time to reset, reassess old habits and get back into a good routine. For me, it’s also a time of reflection, I practice gratitude daily and set intentions so I have a clear path to follow. At the core of everything I do is balance. This is my motivation and guiding principle. Throughout my life experiences to date, one of the lessons that resonates most with me is the importance of taking care of yourself and finding that true balance within. We are all creatures of habit, and often in our own way but ultimately we are human beings trying to figure this thing called ‘life’ out, seeking purpose and striving for peace of mind. We all make mistakes but every day is an opportunity to learn and to grow. We second guess ourselves at times, but along the way practicing self care and self love is paramount, sharpening our instincts and trusting ourselves to do what feels right. The wellness space, of which my brand Nobleblu is part of, is intrinsic to our daily lives. When you start prioritising wellness, and taking care of yourself, everything else starts to fall into place. I’m a huge fan of Eckhart Tolle who teaches the importance of staying present and being the observer of our own minds, focusing on the ‘NOW’’. Because life IS a gift, so if we create balance everyday and lead with love hopefully this will in turn give us more joy! Balance does not mean perfection. In fact we are all perfectly imperfect but it enables us to move through life in a more meaningful, calmer way. We know life can sometimes be unpredictable but prioritising your wellbeing is so important, so be kind to yourself, always. I hope that in reading this issue you will feel energised and empowered. Love always, Alesha
Alesha Dixon