Getting married this winter? Makeup artist Hannah Martin reveals her beauty hack for winter brides

You need to read this before saying 'I do'...

Harriet Keane

Makeup artist Hannah Martin, who famously applied Princess Eugenie's makeup on her wedding day, is widely regarded as royalty within the industry. Not only is she the woman behind Eugine's stunning wedding day look but she was also responsible for the Duchess of Cambridge's covetable wedding day make-up when she married Prince William. With that in mind, and the fact she runs a successful podcast with fellow mua Lisa Potter-Dixon, the 36-year-old is the perfect woman to advise us all on looking and feeling like a princess on your wedding day - or any day for that matter. Here, Hannah shares some of her top makeup tips and products for anyone who's getting married in winter...

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If you're looking for a good eyeliner that will stay put through all of the emotional moments and the hilarious speeches, Hannah recommends Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Waterproof Eye Liner, £16, because it gives a "really skinny wing, close to the lash line," she said as she gave a makeup masterclass at a recent Marks & Spencer event to talk seasonal beauty. "It doesn't budge and more importantly, it doesn't crinkle."


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Hannah continued: "I do lots of brides throughout the year and i love my Christmas brides. During the summer months I love to play up with burnish bronzes and gold tones, but for winter brides I often swap out bronzey shadows for slightly more greyish plummy tones - which are always so pretty. So, a soft grey lid colour, maybe a bit of heathery plum through the crease and loads of mascara. You can play with more berry-toned lipsticks but that doesn't mean it has to be dark, you can find pinkish-blue colours that look slightly more muted and fresh. I still do a lot of cheek though - even though it's the winter months, if you're wearing an ivory gown head to toe you need that pop of colour on the apples of the cheeks to look your freshest self."


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 Powder Blush in Nude pink, £9, Autograph

In the winter, a bride might want to try a smokey eye on her big day, but Hannah's general rule is that "if you're doing big dark smoky eyes, both your brows and your mascara must match the intensity of your eyelid." Why? Because "insipid brows and droopy mascara just doesn't finish a smokey eye."


HANNAH LOVES: Brow Powder Palette, £16, Pixi

All Day Volume Mascara, £10, Autograph

But what about highlighter? It can be tricky to master for anyone, whether you're getting married or not. "I love a glow to the skin with my clients," Hannah revealed. "Often with many clients, liquid highlighters on top of foundation can actually be counter-productive and can slightly clag in the foundation and some powder highlighters - especially on a more mature model - can highlight fine lines so I like to [prime] under the base of any product." 


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Illuminating Primer, £14, Autograph

The makeup supremo also gave her top tip for applying loose powder, telling the audience: "You don't want to get rid of the shine everywhere, you only want to get rid of the shine anywhere it could potentially read on camera as perspiration. Apply to the high points of the brow bone, the bridge of the nose, around the nose and in front of the cheek and around the chin. Any other glow is absolutely fine and really flattering."


HANNAH LOVES: Invisible Finish Powder, £12.50, Autograph

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