27 NOVEMBER 2007

Finding the time to produce an album around the demands of homework isn't your average singer's dilemma. So to get round the problem seven-year-old Connie Talbot's label came up with a novel solution - a music studio was set up in her aunt Vicky's West Midlands home.

The 'recording suite' in the Sutton Coalfield house even had a box for the pint-sized singer to stand on so she could reach the mike.

And now, five months after charming viewers of reality show Britain's Got Talent, the little girl with the big voice is ready to launch her assault on the charts. Connie's debut disc will be called Over The Rainbow after the song that made her name on the show.

The child sensation will go head to head over the festive season with the Spice Girls, Leona Lewis and opera discovery Paul Potts, the ITV reality programme's eventual winner.

Her manager, John Arnison, is convinced Connie could be the next Charlotte Church. "When I met her I was blown away," he enthused. "What will amaze people is not that she's talented, but just how talented she is."

Photo: © Alphapress.com
The seven-year-old schoolgirl whipped out Over The Rainbow in her aunt's back bedroom between homework assigments