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Moving on from Mick: Marriage may be on the horizon for Jerry and retired businessman love

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Those who know Jerry Hall have noted something of a change in the glamourous Texan of late. She seems more relaxed and content than ever before, and has been on a series of luxurious holidays.


The 55-year-old was even photographed on one trip with her face free of makeup – something that would have been unthinkable in years gone by. It's not hard to fathom the reason behind her new outlook – that would be the new man in her life – retired millionaire property developer Warwick Hemsley. The wealthy, grey-haired Australian has been her constant companion for the past 12 months. He has been at her side during repeated jaunts to the South of France – where she owns a house – and took her on a romantic dolphin-spotting cruise around Western Australia. By all accounts she is smitten with the retired businessman – who is also 55 and is reported to have a personal fortune of over £ 70 milllion – and is said to be seriously considering marriage. "When one of her friends made a remark about how they could see her marrying again, Jerry would always laugh it off," a pal told The Daily Mail. "But recently she's stopped being so coy. In fact, she's been saying quite openly that she likes the idea." Friends are surprised she found someone who would live up to her ex husband Mick Jagger. The pair separated in 1999 when it came to light that the Rolling Stone had fathered a child with another woman.


The apparent fact that she never properly got over him has been reported as the reason why other post-divorce relationships have failed to go the distance. Things seem different with Warwick, however. Jerry was instantly taken with the dashing Antipodean as soon as she met him in Perth last August while she was reprising her role as Mrs Robinson in The Graduate.He quit his role as a non-executive member on the board of a land estate company to follow her back to Britain. The widower – whose wife Elizabeth died in 2006 – quickly moved in with Jerry, into the eight-bedroom family home she used to share with Mick. Since then, the former model has taken tangible steps to move on – auctioning off the collection of art she amassed with her ex husband and having her blonde locks trimmed. She is even considering getting her hair cut short, having apparently told her circle it is "time to grow old gracefully." It looks like she may have finally found the man to do it with.