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Demi Moore celebrates her 50th birthday in style

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Demi Moore decided to celebrate her 50th birthday in style – by jetting off to Abu Dhabi and India. The actress began the celebrations last weekend in the Arab city before moving on to India, where she celebrated another person's landmark 50th year. The GI Jane star, who announced her split from third husband Ashton Kutcher last November, reportedly checked into the Monte Carlo Beach Club, a luxury hideaway in the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. According to she was spotted lounging in a cabana overlooking the ocean with friends on November 3. "Demi seemed to be enjoying herself - they all did," a hotel source told the website.

Demi Moore

Ahead of her milestone birthday on November 11, Demi later flew to Jodhpur, India, to attend the two-day birthday bash Naomi Campbell threw for boyfriend Vladislav Doronin, which Kate Moss also attended. Other guests enjoying the evening were Sarah, Duchess of York and model Karolina Kurkova. At the "most amazing party", legendary diva Diana Ross serenaded revellers with her glittering back catalogue. The music icon was paid a tidy $500,000 for lending her voice to the soiree.Naomi's million-pound budget allowed for some spectacular details. Vintage Rolls Royces were laid on to ferry her starry guests "in style" and they all, including Demi, stayed at the $1,000-per-night Umaid Palace Hotel, their suites kindly charged to the model's account.India Times journalist Nimisha Tiwari gave a glimpse of what Demi wore to the big party, posting a photo on Twitter of her dressed in a traditional Indian-style outfit. Since announcing her separation from the 34-year-old actor, Demi has been keeping a low profile and although it has been a year since the split, the couple still haven't finalised their divorce. The delay is being attributed to disagreements over how the couple should split their considerable wealth. According to US Weekly, Ashton – who earns $700,000 (£440,000) for his role in hit show Two And A Half Men – is yet to be satisfied with an offer on how assets should be divided.

Demi Moore

 Ashton and Demi's reticence to officially draw a line under their six-year marriage led some to believe the pair were never legally married. The claims subsided when In Touch magazine uncovered a deed from the LA Recorder's office. In it, Demi is named as Ashton's "spouse" while the actor is referred to as a "married man". Lingering sentimental ties certainly aren't the reason for their prolonged status. Ashton, 34, is now happily dating Mila Kunis – his friend of 14 years and former co-star on That 70's Show.

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