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Frank Lampard opens up about wedding plans with Christine Bleakley

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Frank Lampard has opened up about his plans to marry fiancée Christine Bleakley. When asked by Phillip Schofield when he is going to make an "honest woman" out of the TV presenter, he replied, "I am going to! And actually it's nice to talk about it because there are so many rumours about weddings getting postponed and all of this kind of nonsense." He added, "We never had any wedding kind of planned but we certainly are going to get married. But we'd love to do it when no one knows and we're just done. "That'll be our style, I think."

The football sensation also talked about his daughters Luna and Isla, revealing that they are not too keen on their dad's sport. "I quite like them being girly girls and they are," he said. "I take them to Chelsea, they support Chelsea, so when I'm away and they're at home with Christine, I'll say "Daddy's on TV tonight, watch the game!" and then they don't watch any of it!" The sportsman also opened up about the greatest moment in his career so far. "Winning the Champion's League last year," he said. "We had an amazing run to the final; it was like a film script. Anyone who followed it, Chelsea fans will tell you, we were out, then back in, then out and then we managed to cling on.

"We had two days in Munich and everyone came. Christine came, the family came, and the whole two days were the best celebrations ever. Amazing." Speaking about the moment he got into football, he explained, "I remember my dad taking me over the park at about five years old and joining me in with the local team. "I was a shy kid at that point so my dad said 'Come on, come on, get in there son'… From then on football was my life. "Frank proposed to Christine back in 2011 while the couple - who began dating in 2009 after meeting at an awards event - enjoyed a break in Los Angeles. Christine,32, rang in live to her show Daybreak to share the details of the simple beachside lunch when she promised to become Mrs Lampard. She told her colleagues Adrian Chiles and Kate Garraway, "I was beyond shocked. It wasn't very glamorous , it wasn't very fancy. "It was very personal, very private, actually.We were just having a gorgeous lunch by the beach and he simply popped the question. "It was completely out of the blue and he was starting to build up to it and it was a little bit lovey-dovey. "Halfway through the lovey-dovey bit I realised what he was about to say and I started to cry." Frank has two children from a previous relationship with Elen Rivas, his ex-fiancee. They split in 2009.