Russell Crowe talks about Giovanna and Tom Fletcher's baby Buzz video

Russell Crowe can’t stop gushing about Tom Fletcher ever since discovering his video of HELLO! Online blogger Giovanna Fletcher’s pregnancy with son Buzz. And the McBusted star is thrilled with how much praise the actor has been giving him recently as he promotes his new film Noah.

"SO AWESOME! Thanks for saying such nice things @russellcrowe, glad you like my videos," Tom posted on Twitter after watching a clip of his interview with Magic FM.

In the recording Russell shares how in love with the internet he is, making clear that the online experience is far more helpful than consume via TV or radio.

Russell Crowe has spoken about why he's a fan of Tom Fletcher

"This guy Tom McFly right," he begins. "I’ve seen two of his things, one is where he recently had the baby and did a time lapse thing of his wife getting bigger and bigger and bigger and then going off having the baby and coming back within a three-minute time lapse."

Despite being well off himself with movies such as Gladiator and Man of Steel on his CV, Russell explained why he thinks Tom might be richer than him. He said that the British musician - who found fame as a heartthrob in group McFly – just made him happy by being able to watch him enjoy being a dad and a husband.

Tom, Giovanna and Buzz

"But then led me to a video of his wedding speech and song and I sat and watched that and what came to my mind was I’ve just met one of the richest men in the world," he continued. "That man has such a rich internal life that gave me deep pleasure to watch those things.

"Now I never would have heard of this guy, even though he’s like obviously wildly famous. I just hadn’t come across him yet.

"But now I think he’s incredibly special and I‘ll be very interested in whatever else he’s going to do. And I didn’t get that through television of radio. It doesn’t touch on that kind of experience."



Watch the Russell Crowe video below: