Tom Fletcher flies home to baby Buzz after McBusted tour

Tom Fletcher and the rest of the McBusted boys are heading back home after their six-week tour of the UK and Ireland.

Fresh with excitement from their last gig in Dublin, Tom took to Instagram to post a photo of himself and bandmate Harry Judd aboard the plane.

"Flying home!!!!" Tom captioned the snap, which showed him striking his best rocker pose and pulling a face at the camera, while Harry was seen edging into the photo in the far left.


The energetic blond singer shared another picture, reminiscing on the good times the supergroup had had. "I'll miss doing this every night. #McBustedTour2014," wrote Tom alongside an image of the lit-up stage.

The snap-happy singer also took the opportunity to thank McBusted's loyal fans, teasing his 1.33million followers on Twitter. "Thanks to everyone who came to the @McBusted tour. It's been the most rad time EVER! Gutted it's over. Shall we do it all again…?" he posted.


While Tom has been enjoying his time away, the new father will no doubt be eager to get back to his author wife Giovanna and their two-month-old baby son Buzz. In her HELLO! Online blog, Giovanna revealed how "excited" Tom was to show off the couple's newborn while on tour.

"And what an exciting week it's been for little Buzz!" wrote Giovanna in an April post. "He got his first glimpse of tour life by joining Daddy at the O2. He slept for almost the entirety of his first day there, but the next visit he was fully alert and fascinated by everything and everyone.

"I could tell Tom was excited to have Buzz there with him and eager to show him off to friends and family backstage. It was lovely to witness."


Giovanna and Buzz also joined Tom and McBusted up north in Manchester, spending more nights in the safety of their hotel room than at the gigs.

"We weren't down at the venues each night, jumping along with the crowds," wrote the doting mum in another post. "Instead we relocated to a hotel in Manchester.

"I know a few people would recoil in worry, concerned with how I could possible cope in a strange place with a newborn… but it's actually been great!" she added, before describing the bliss of "regular hot meals" and "the cleaning fairies (otherwise known as housekeeping)".