Michael Schumacher's wife Corinna says he is 'improving'

Corinna Schumacher has said that her husand Michael's condition is "getting better".

Speaking for the first time since his accident, the 45-year-old remarked that having come out of his coma, the Formula One driver is showing signs of progress.

"It's getting better," Corinna told German women's magazine Neue Post while at a horse-riding competition. "Slowly certainly, but in any case it's improving."

Corinna Schumacher spoke out for the first time since Michael's accident

The Switzerland-born horserider, who has been married to Michael for 19 years and is mother to the couple's two children, said she has been encouraged by her husband's signs of recovery.

Corinna Schumacher: the loyal wife who remains by Michael's side

Corinna's comments come a month after reports claimed Michael was responding to her voice.

The couple have been married for 14 years

Following news that the F1 ace had finally left Grenoble hospital following his life-threatening skiing accident in December, German newspaper Bild said that Michael is breathing unassisted for periods of time and is reacting to voices around him – particularly Corinna's.

"The voice of Corinna has a much stronger effect on him than the voices of other people," the paper wrote.

It also reported that Michael, 45, lost 44 lbs in weight while being treated for the severe brain injuries he suffered while skiing in the French Alps, although physiotherapists have been giving him regular exercise treatment to keep his muscles working.

Corinna says Michael's condition is "getting better"

In a statement, his manager Sabine Kehm confirmed that he had been removed from the artificially induced coma in which he has spent the last five months, and said he would now "continue his long phase of rehabilitation".

Michael is continuing his rehabilitation at the University Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV) in western Switzerland. The hospital is just 20 miles from the Schumacher family home, on the shore of Lake Geneva.