Kim Kardashian says she may turn to IVF for second child

Kim Kardashian has revealed she was told she would never conceive naturally before she fell pregnant. The reality TV star, who is now the proud mother of 17-month-old North, also said that she would consider turning to IVF if she struggles to conceive in the future.

Speaking to ELLE UK for their Confidence issue, Kim said: "A few years ago I was told I could never get pregnant. Three different doctors told me the same thing, which is why I wanted to have my eggs frozen.

"I was just about to do that when I found out I was pregnant with North".


Kim Kardashian shared a cute picture with baby North on Instagram

The 34-year-old also spoke out about her desire to have more children, saying she wants it to "start happening straightaway".

"I want a boy and another girl; I want it to start happening straightaway. I loved being part of a huge family – and I want that for North.

"We'd do IVF if nothing happens, but we both want to keep trying naturally".

Kim has previously detailed her difficult pregnancy with North. The star suffered from life-threatening pre-eclampsia, which she said led to her five-week premature delivery.

However she is clearly besotted with her daughter, who she has described as her "best friend".

Kim Kardashian described daughter North as her "best friend"

"I'm so thankful for my best friend," Kim wrote on Twitter on Thanksgiving, adding a 'sum' showing that Kim plus North equals love.