Bruce Willis' wife Emma says they wouldn't join Dancing with the Stars 'in a million years'

Rumer Willis may have danced her way to victory on Dancing with the Stars, but her family has no ambition to follow in her footsteps. Speaking to HELLO! at the Fragrance Foundation Awards in New York, Rumer's step-mother Emma Heming Willis said she would never join the show "in a million years".

The 36-year-old, who is married to Rumer's dad Bruce Willis, also insisted that the Die Hard actor would not even consider participating in the television show.

"Never in a million years would he do it," Emma said, adding: "We'll all just live vicariously through Rumer."


Emma Heming Willis said neither she or Bruce Willis would compete on DWTS

However the family are still incredibly proud of Rumer's dancing success.

"She was amazing. We couldn’t believe how she made it look so easy," Emma confided. "She's never danced before - I mean she has moves and has rhythm, but we were blown away. She deserved to win."

The mum-of-two, who joined Bruce in the audience at the show's final, added that she had been incredibly nervous while watching Rumer perform.

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Rumer won the show in May

"We were all like dry mouth, oh my God. Meanwhile she was totally fine," Emma said. "Anytime we'd see her before she was just like 'Hey', and I was like 'Oh my God how are you so calm right now?' She was amazing."

While Rumer has been lauded for her dancing talent, she has also been praised for her honesty after penning an essay on body confidence for Glamour US. The 26-year-old's former stepfather Ashton Kutcher branded her as "amazing" after she penned the article – a sentiment her stepmother shares.

"Listen, it's boosted her self-confidence and it's great," Emma shared. "If I could have that kind of self-confidence that she has now at my age, or if I could have learned the lessons that she has early on, it's so empowering and exciting."