Brooklyn Beckham's teenage doppelganger: Noah Shaw's own family can't tell pictures of them apart

Even his own mother has been known to mix them up. Noah Shaw looks so much like Brooklyn Beckham that when his mum Ashley was shown a picture of the famous British teenager she thought it her own son.

Thanks to the incredible likeness Noah, who happens to be a keen footballer himself, has gained 4,500 followers on his Instagram site. While it's small beer in comparison to Brooklyn's 4.5 million followers, the Utah-born 14-year-old is grateful for the support.

Tell me in the comments if me and @brooklynbeckham look the same. #BrooklynBeckham

Una foto publicada por Noah Shaw⚽ (@__noahshaw__) el

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Noah said: "I didn’t think that this would be as huge as it is – I’m super grateful and love everyone who supports me.

"For the most part, people have been pretty positive and I even have several fan pages, which is kind of them to put in the time and effort.

"It’s great because they support me on my dream, which is to some day be a professional soccer player.

"Of course, I am being noticed for being myself – but looking like Brooklyn Beckham can't hurt."

Blurrr ball

Una foto publicada por Noah Shaw⚽ (@__noahshaw__) el

Noah has always been a fan of David Beckham and regularly posts pictures of himself doing football tricks, just like 16-year-old Brooklyn and playing with his little sister. Such is the interest in him that he has also been approached with modelling offers and is stopped in the street by girls wanting his picture, which the youngster finds funny.

The comparison began about a year ago when his aunt sent the family a picture of Brooklyn. When his mother Ashley saw it she said: "'That’s a nice picture of Noah. When did you take it?" The aunt laughed and explained that it was actually the Beckhams' eldest son.

Helping baby sister with her homework.

Una foto publicada por Noah Shaw⚽ (@__noahshaw__) el

Ashley was happy because she wholeheartedly approves of they way David and Victoria are raising their children.

"We have always admired the Beckham family – I can tell how much the parents love and adore their children, which is how we feel about our children and we love that."

However, she stresses that her son is just being himself. "What people have to understand is that Noah is truly being himself and loves the things he does regardless of them being what Brooklyn likes and does."