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Vin Diesel shares touching anecdote about 'brother' Paul Walker

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Vin Diesel broke down on Saturday night while talking to chat show host Johnathan Ross about losing his best friend Paul Walker. During the emotional interview the Fast and the Furious star also revealed a touching anecdote about his friend and spoke about how the actor’s memory lives on.Talking about his children the 48-year-old star recounted a piece of advice Paul had given him when he was expecting his first child. "I can remember just like yesterday he said that to me, 'A lot of tough guys will tell you to wait in the hallway and not to go in the delivery room.'"

vin and pau © Photo: Getty Images

Actor Vin Diesel became emotional while talking about his best friend Paul Walker

"[He said] 'But Vin, go into that delivery room, be present and cut that umbilical cord and it will be the best day of your life.' And so I did that and it was the best day of my life," he added.

Continuing he said: "And so six months ago when I was blessed to be in that same situation, I couldn't help but to remember Paul and his advice. So as I'm cutting the umbilical cord, I'm thinking to myself it's all because Paul Walker told me to go into the delivery room. So once it came time to sign the name, I started writing "Paul" and then just added I-N-E."

vin and baba © Photo: Facebook

In a touching tribute to his friend Vin named his third child Pauline

Vin Diesel also spoke about his latest movie The Last Witch Hunter. The father-of-three revealed that he wanted to take a year off from making films to grieve for his friend Paul, however, he felt he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work alongside British actor Michael Caine on the project.In the film, Vin stars as an immortal witch hunter who has to fight supernatural creatures that are trying to unleash the Black Death across the world. The film is set to be released on October 23.

Tom Jones, Jessica Ennis-Hill and Harry Enfield also joined the Hollywood actor on Johnathan's sofa on Saturday night.

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