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David Beckham takes on local youngsters in Nepal charity football game

David Beckham was put through his paces as he played in a charity football game in Nepal on Friday. The dad-of-four took on local youngsters who impressed with their sporty skills, and gave the retired England football captain a run for his money.

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In a nod to his host country whose national colour is red, David had part of his face painted with the bright colour. The sports hero enjoyed a kickabout with the kids, before being presented with a garland of marigolds after the match.


David Beckham's second charity match took him to Nepal

Unsurprisingly, David caused a stir when he arrived in Nepal. Stepping out of his hotel room in Pãtan city, David heard fans go wild and chant his name. He live-streamed the ecstatic welcome on app MyEye, which he will be using to document his journey for the next couple of weeks.

David plans to take part in seven football matches on seven continents to raise awareness for UNICEF. The 40-year-old, who played his first match in Papua New Guinea, came up with the idea to celebrate his ten-year collaboration with the charity as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

Seven was the number David played as a footballer and the name of his charity foundation. It is also his daughter Harper's middle name.

david beckham nepal1 © Photo: Rex

The footballer will play seven matches in seven continents to raise awareness for UNICEF

The doting dad will face local teams on the streets of Buenos Aires, Djibouti on the Horn of Africa, Miami in North America and frozen Antarctica.

His seventh and final match will take place at his former home Old Trafford, where he played for many years with Manchester United. David has called on a number of international stars to play the final game with him, where he will captain the Great British XI against Zinedine Zidane's Rest of the World.

david beckham nepal © Photo: Rex

The dad-of-four has also just opened a Tumblr account

With over 53 million fans on Facebook and 14.6 followers on Instagram, David has decided to venture further into the world of social media and has just opened a Tumblr account.

His first post was a close-up of his football boot, which he captioned: "First game played out of seven. Papua New Guinea was incredible. We're playing these games in order to raise money for children around the world through UNICEF."

David live-streamed his ecstatic welcome in Nepal on app MyEye

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