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Linda Nolan shows sister Coleen her incredible facelift results for the first time on Loose Women

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Linda Nolan had a big surprise in store for her sister Coleen when she appeared on Loose Women on Friday! The 57-year-old unveiled the incredible results from her facelift surgery – and it was the first time Coleen had seen her since leaving the Celebrity Big Brother house. It came as a particular shock to Coleen who didn't know her sister had opted to have the treatment while she was away competing on the reality TV show. The 51-year-old was blindfolded during the segment, as Linda sat opposite her looking nervous for the big reveal.

"Wow! You look fabulous, absolutely fabulous!" exclaimed Coleen when the blindfold was removed, before adding that it was "weird" to see her sister after the incredible change. Linda admitted that she had chosen to wait for Coleen to head into the CBB house because she knew her sibling would "talk me out of it". "I came on the show just after you went into the Big Brother house," she confessed. "Well, because I was frightened that you would try and talk me out of it." "I would have," admitted Coleen.

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nolan sisters

Linda Nolan showed sister Coleen the results of her facelift for the first time

"I know, but I didn't want you to because it was for me," Linda replied. "I'd thought long and hard about it." The actress explained that she chose to have the procedure done after feeling that her face looked old and tired after years of grieving for her husband Brian Hudson and her sister Bernie, both of whom she lost to cancer – but that she didn't expect it to help her mourning process. “I knew that when I decided about the facelift I knew that that wasn’t going to," she said. "You have to be right inside your head before you get the outside right."

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linda and colleen nolan© Photo: Rex

Coleen said Linda looked "fabulous"

The I'm in the Mood for Dancing hitmaker admitted that she has already noticed a big change to her confidence since opting for the cosmetic surgery. "That’s why I waited for quite a while and I do feel more confident," she said. "I’ve been for a couple of auditions and I got both the jobs and I think that is the confidence as well." Linda's surgery lasted for five hours, during which she was awake but sedated. The Irish star underwent a lower facelift, skin peel and laser surgery around her eyes. "I'm definitely the younger sister now!" she quipped.

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