Rachel Weisz talks being squashed under Game of Thrones horse

A horse trained on Game of Thrones accidentally squashed The Mummy Returns actress

Rachel Weisz opened up about a scary encounter on the set of her new film, My Cousin Rachel, when a horse trained to 'die' while filming Game of Thrones collapsed on top of her. Chatting on tonight's Graham Norton Show, she said: "It had had been taught to 'die' when the left rein was pulled so when I finished a scene and pulled on the left rein he did an elegant collapse on top of me. It wasn't un-painful! It was okay but there was a horrible silence on set until everyone realised I was alright."

Rachel was squashed by a horse

The actress also opened up about her riding skills in the film, adding: "I learnt to ride astride as a child so galloping side saddle in a corset and a big frock isn't un-challenging. It was a bit of a balancing act." Rachel was joined on the show by Martin Freeman, who opened up about his political views ahead of Thursday's general election.

Martin also opened up about his political views

Admitting that he wouldn't like to take part in Question Time or Newsnight, he said: "I wouldn't do it. I would be taken to the cleaners and hung out to dry. These people do it for a living, 24-hours a day and no matter how right I feel there will be someone who could hang me out to dry in 30 seconds with a well-placed statistic so unless you are extremely well briefed I think it's as well to leave it alone." Thursday's general election has resulted in a hung parliament. Celebrities were quick to react to the news, with David Walliams tweeting: "Oh Theresa, what have you done?" while Russell Brand wrote: "So there you go. Voting. Like I've always said."