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Kind List 2021

Jennifer Hudson

One of her main focuses is helping children in need

Jennifer Hudson is a fine example of a celebrity using their fame for good. "Any time you're helping someone is very important and, of course, when children are involved," she said. "I feel like your celebrity is not about the fortune or the fame. If you can't help anyone, then it's in vain, it's pointless."

The two-time Grammy Award singer has poured her heart and soul into a number of causes, from education and human rights to fighting cancer and HIV/AIDS.

She grew up in a single-parent home and is someone who has never forgotten her roots, so it's perhaps not surprising that one of Jennifer's main focuses is helping children in need.

"I come from a very giving background, it's part of the nature of who we are" - Jennifer Hudson

After the horrific murder of her mother, brother and seven-year-old nephew Julian in 2008, Jennifer and her sister Julia (the mother of Julian) decided to set up the Julian D. King Gift Foundation in honour of the little boy.

The foundation helps children of all backgrounds to enable them to grow to be productive, confident and happy adults. It hosts various events each year, including the big Holiday Toy Drive where it collects and distributes school supplies and Christmas presents to kids in Jennifer's hometown of Chicago.

"Where we came from, a lot of kids don't have school supplies or school clothes," said Jennifer. "Children should not have to worry about those things. When we went [shopping], you got two pairs of shoes and two pairs of clothes, and we were considered blessed. We make sure these kids have school supplies and [presents] for the holidays."

The Dreamgirls star, who remains active in the church she grew up in, says she was raised to always help others. "I wasn't as aware of volunteering back there," she said. "I come from a very giving background, it's part of the nature of who we are."

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