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Exclusive: Kate Moss reveals her life lessons and special way she uplifts women

The supermodel shares the women who inspire her most in a HELLO! exclusive

kate moss
Lily Waddell
Lily WaddellPremium Content Editor
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She’s been one of the world’s most in-demand supermodels for more than three decades, gracing countless catwalks, magazine covers and luxury brand campaigns. And now Kate Moss is reflecting on what she’s learned about herself as a woman on her wellness journey in this exclusive interview to mark International Women’s Day.

She tells HELLO!: "The most important lesson I have learned is how taking some time out for myself, even a few moments each day, can make a difference to how I manage my day. As a working mother [to Lila, 20], running a business, it can be difficult sometimes but meditating or spending some time in my garden helps me focus."

Kate's own wellness journey, which she's taken with her close-knit group of friends over the years, has inspired her business venture, Cosmoss. The beauty and wellness platform allows her to share her favourite products, rituals and soulful inspirations with her fans.

Kate Moss looks stunning in plunging dress

Kate champions and supports other women

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Kate Moss' friendships and how they influenced Cosmoss:

Her friendships are really important to her. Championing women and being part of a strong female tribe is a crucial part of her life. She says: "I am fortunate to have lots of girlfriends, strong, independent women who I love spending time with. Many of them I’ve met through the fashion industry, so when we are on set together it hardly feels like being at work, more like hanging out.

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"Finding the balance in my life and the inspiration for Cosmoss came from trips we’d take together to wellness retreats. Sharing tips and experiences with them is invaluable." 

Kate Moss oozes sophistication in black dress© Photo: Getty Images

She’s been one of the world’s most in-demand supermodels 

Working with Kate Moss and her collaborations:

It was special gifts she chose for her friends that sparked a desire in Kate to collaborate with jeweller Amy Russell Taylor. She adds: "I discovered Amy’s jewellery when she sent me a necklace which I loved and then bought as gifts for my girlfriends.

"Each piece of her jewellery is handcrafted, the designs have a vintage inspiration and incorporate crystals, all elements that appeal to me so to collaborate felt like a natural fit. The Oracle Dial contains a powerful triad of stones to align your energies. Balance and rejuvenation have been a big inspiration to me in the development of my brand Cosmoss."

Kate Moss Cosmoss bottle

Kate's collaboration with jeweller Amy Russell Taylor

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Ambitious women inspire Kate; it's passionate women like Amy that the star wants to champion, support and work with. She adds: "Collaborations must be authentic to me, and I am always inspired by women who have achieved success in their chosen field, it’s an honour to be able to help support them in any way I can. As with ART and Cosmoss, we share similar brand values and have a personal connection, so working together makes perfect sense."

Kate Moss' impressive career:

Having reached the top of her career, the supermodel loves to give back to others by sharing her knowledge and guidance with aspiring stars through her talent agency. She says: "I have been fortunate to have a career doing something I love, I really enjoy creating images and working with creative people, I didn't imagine it lasting as long as it has. And I am really proud of the agency I founded in 2016, Kate Moss Agency.

Kate Moss wearing a beautiful black dress on the catwalk© Photo: Getty Images

The model on the Versace runway show in the 1990s in Milan

"Being part of the development and management of the talent’s careers is such an inspiration and to be able to offer advice and guidance to them, based on my experiences, is very rewarding."

Her own biggest female inspiration is her close friend and global make-up mogul Charlotte Tilbury. She says, "Charlotte is a close friend of mine and also a massive inspiration to me and women everywhere, empowering us all to be the most beautiful version of ourselves."

charlotte tilbury kate moss© Photo: Getty Images

Charlotte Tilbury is her biggest female inspiration

An inspiration in her own right, Kate has some words of advice for women: "Stay true to yourself and have the confidence to go with your instincts, they are normally right." 

Having the courage to follow her heart is something she has learned over time. She adds: "Having the confidence to say no, whether it be in your work or personal life, took me time to learn. But it’s such an important lesson." 

What are Kate Moss' aspirations?

And Kate is in no doubt as to her ambitions for the future - she's ready to take Cosmoss to the next level. She says: “Working on Cosmoss, developing new products and retail partnerships is my current focus and it's an exciting time. We are launching at Brown Thomas in Dublin soon and I’m looking forward to visiting the store and introducing the brand to a new audience there."

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