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Andre Agassi's love story with Steffi Graf in pictures

The pair's tale of romance is a truly enchanting fairytale

The pair are preparing to take on John McEnroe and Maria Sharapova in the Pickleball Slam 2 this weekend© Getty
Katie Baxter
Freelance Writer
January 17, 2024
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Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf are both sporting legends in their own right, and the tale of their blossoming romance is a truly enchanting fairytale. 

The pair first met in the early 1990s, when they were both busy holding court as the king and queen of the tennis world. 

Andre Agassi is an eight-time Grand Slam winner, and in his prime he was a favourite with the ladies due to his iconic long locks and puppy-dog brown eyes. Steffi Graf was also thriving in her sporting career — the German-born tennis star won Wimbledon a stunning seven times. 

In 1992, after they both won the Wimbledon singles title, Andre was gearing up to have his first ever dance with Steffi at the post-tournament Wimbledon Ball. The American tennis professional had been admiring Steffi from afar up until that point. "I've had a crush on Steffi since I first saw her doing an interview on French TV," he recalled in his memoir Open

Andre was ecstatic to have the opportunity to dance with his crush — but he was heartbreakingly let down when he found out that the traditional champion's dance had been cancelled for the first time. However, the pair still got the chance to formally meet, and had their photos taken together. It would be another seven years before they sparked up a romance. 

They began officially dating in 1999 during the French Open and Wimbledon, before marrying in October 2001. They welcomed their first child, a son called Jaden, in 2001, and their second, a daughter called Jay, in 2003. The family currently reside in the Las Vegas valley, and their romance still appears to be thriving.

In 2004, Andre stole our hearts when he proclaimed his love for Steffi during a speech at her International Tennis Hall of Fame induction. "As I attempt to find words worthy to introduce the person that has changed my life, I realise the words have yet to be invented that are large enough, colourful enough, or true enough to express the heart and soul of this woman that I love," he said.

 We look back at some of the standout moments in their love story through photos. 

The photo, taken in July 1992 at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, came seven years before Agassi and Graf started dating© Getty

The post-tournament Wimbledon Ball

After both winning the Wimbledon singles title, the pair met at the traditional post-tournament ball. Andre was disappointed when he realised that he wouldn't get the opportunity to dance with Steffi.

The pair start dating in 1999© Getty

The pair start dating in 1999

Steffi and Andre are seen here at a championship boxing match in Las Vegas, during their first official year of dating.

Welcoming their first baby© Getty

Welcoming their first baby

Steffi and Andre welcomed their first child, a son called Jared, to the world in 2001. 

Andre supports his wife during her induction to the International Tennis Hall of Fame© Getty

Andre supports his wife during her induction to the International Tennis Hall of Fame

Andre supported his wife during a major moment in her career in 2004. In his moving and heartfelt speech, Andre made constant reference to his love for Steffi.

The couple got married in 2001 and welcomed their son shortly after their wedding© Getty

Sharing a kiss at a charity match

Andre and Steffi shared an intimate moment on the court during a charity tennis match in 2015 held in Las Vegas.

The pair met at the traditional post-tournament ball© Getty

At the Sphere opening in Las Vegas last year

Last year, the pair attended the opening event for the Sphere in Las Vegas, where they now live with their two children.

Andre Agassi shared this adorable photo to usher in 2024© Andre Agassi

Bringing in the New Year

Andre shared this adorable photo with his wife to usher in 2024.

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