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Exclusive: Taylor Swift's 'intentional' snub to Celine Dion decoded: 'She’s asserting power'

The interaction took place at the recent 66th Grammy Awards

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Faye James
Senior Editor
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At the 66th Grammy Awards, amidst the glittering showcase of musical talents, an interaction—or the lack thereof—between Céline Dion and Taylor Swift has sparked a wave of speculation and analysis. 

As Taylor made history with her fourth Album of the Year win for Midnights, her acceptance became a focal point not just for the milestone but for her exchange with the presenting legend, Céline.

Céline, revered in the music industry for her unparalleled vocal prowess, has recently faced personal challenges, stepping back from the limelight due to a rare neurological disorder. 

Yet, she graced the Grammy stage, escorted by her son René-Charles Angélil, to a standing ovation—an acknowledgment of her enduring legacy and the battles she's bravely facing.

Celine Dion at the Grammys
Celine Dion at the Grammys

This emotional moment unfolded with the camera capturing Taylor, visibly moved, clapping and singing along to Céline's hit The Power of Love, highlighting the respect she holds for the veteran songstress. 

Céline's heartfelt speech emphasized the unifying power of music, resonating deeply with the audience and viewers worldwide.

Celine was left hanging when Taylor accepted her award
Celine was left hanging when Taylor accepted her award

When the moment came for Taylor to receive her award from Céline, observers noted that Taylor seemed preoccupied with her collaborators, leaving Céline momentarily unacknowledged. 

Body language expert Darren Stanton told HELLO!: “It’s almost like Céline was left hanging in mid-air, it’s an impolite thing to do to anyone, let alone a huge icon."

While Taylor's reaction might not have been intended as a slight, the optics of the moment have led some to perceive it as a snub. 

Taylor Swift makes Grammy history

Darren Stanton suggests, “I do think it was intentional by Taylor, those things are quite conscious in these situations, and Taylor has left Céline hanging."

Social media has been abuzz with opinions, with some labeling Taylor's actions as "disrespectful."  

"My biggest disappointment of the Grammys was Taylor Swift winning Album of the year and hugging all of her people but taking the trophy from Celine Dion as if she was the hat-check girl, and not seeming to realize how very amazing it was that Celine was standing there at all," commented one fan on the platform X. 

Taylor with Celine
Taylor with Celine

Yet, others argue that the flurry of emotions surrounding such a historic win could have contributed to the oversight. "I don't think Taylor meant it in a cruel way, but yes, it's awkward and not a good look for her. Celine is indeed Queen," wrote another. 

Taylor's speech, infused with gratitude and passion for her craft, indicated her overwhelmed state as she thanked her team and looked forward to her Eras Tour.

The incident, while minor, has been dissected for deeper meaning, with Darren adding: “Taylor doesn’t look at Céline when she is accepting the award and when someone does this it is a sign of disrespect and trying to assert power. Taylor is trying to come over as the more powerful person here.”

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