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Heartwarming moment Taylor Swift gifts signed 22 hat to five-year-old little girl

Taylor Swift delighted the fan onstage in Sydney

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Faye James
Senior Editor
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On Sunday night in Sydney, Taylor Swift turned a young fan's dream into reality in a moment that captured the hearts of thousands. 

During her concert, Taylor, renowned for her heartfelt connections with fans, chose five-year-old Lily from the crowd to receive a special gift—a signed black bowler hat—while performing her hit song 22. 

This gesture, a tradition at each of her shows, symbolizes a unique bond between the megastar and her fans.

Lily, who had recently triumphed in a local public speaking competition with a speech about her adoration for Taylor Swift, could hardly contain her excitement as she was selected. 

Taylor gifts the hat to Lily on Sunday night© Twitter
Taylor gifts the hat to Lily on Sunday night

The young girl, overwhelmed with emotion, approached the stage where Taylor knelt to gently place the hat on her head, marking a moment Lily is sure to cherish forever.

The touching exchange quickly went viral on social media, drawing admiration and joy from Taylor’s fans around the globe. 

Taylor gives Lily a heartfelt cuddle© Twitter
Taylor gives Lily a heartfelt cuddle

Comments poured in celebrating the sweetness of the interaction, with many expressing how they had hoped for Lily to be the recipient of such a memorable gift.

“Literally the cutest ever,” wrote one. “I was rooting for her to get it,” said another. 

 A young Australian fan receives a hat from Taylor Swift during her performance on Friday night© Don Arnold/TAS24
A young Australian fan receives a hat from Taylor Swift during her performance on Friday night

Adding to the significance of the night, Lily's mother had devoted ten hours in line to secure tickets, a testament to the lengths parents go to in making their children's dreams come true. 

But Lily's story was not the only one to touch the hearts of Swift's fans that weekend.

A young fan reacts after receiving a hat from Taylor Swift at Melbourne Cricket Ground © Graham Denholm/TAS24
A young fan reacts after receiving a hat from Taylor Swift at Melbourne Cricket Ground

During Taylor's first Sydney concert on Friday, another young fan, Scarlett, who is courageously battling an aggressive form of brain cancer, was the chosen recipient of Taylor's hat. 

Scarlett's stepmother, Natalie, had previously shared on social media the heartfelt wish of her stepdaughter to meet Taylor Swift. Despite being informed by the Make A Wish Foundation that a meeting wasn't possible, the family's hope and determination, fueled by the generosity of the community and the power of social media, led them to the concert with tickets in hand.

Holding a poster that pleaded, "Taylor, can I have the 22 hat, please?" Scarlett's wish was beautifully fulfilled. 

Taylor invited the brave young girl to the stage, where she not only handed her the coveted hat but also shared a tender moment, embracing Scarlett and kissing her hands—an act of kindness that underscored the depth of Taylor's compassion.

After three sold-out shows, Taylor Swift is set to grace the Sydney stage for the final time on Monday evening, leaving behind a trail of unforgettable memories and heartwarming stories of dreams realized. 

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