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Jamie Oliver's quick and easy mid-week meals

Jamie Oliver
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If you've had a long, hard day at the office and think you don't have the time to cook a delicious, healthy dinner, don't worry – we have it covered. With these quick and easy recipes from Jamie Oliver, you'll be serving dishes bursting with flavour in just 15 minutes. From pesto spaghetti and lemon-steamed fish to falafel wraps and feta and chickpea parcels, Jamie's culinary creations are nutritious, full of texture and colour and perfect for mid-week family meals. Pesto spaghetti and lemon-steamed fish 

pasta jamie oliver

The British chef's favourite flavours include herbs coriander, mint and basil and spices such as chili, saffron and paprika, producing meals that are light, yet uncompromising on taste. Fat-free natural yoghurt and cottage cheese are also used to keep the recipes low in calories. 

Falafel wraps, grilled veg & salsa

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Jamie has given his support to leading conservation organisation the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) by donating this recipe for 2013's Earth Hour. This modern Greek salad with spinach, chickpea & feta parcels will happily feed four and contains 516 calories per serving. The TV chef said: "Our eating habits need to change, not just for the sake of our health, but for the environment too. "We can all make simple changes to help, like always buying as much local produce as possible, choosing higher-welfare meat, and even trying to have a couple of meat-free days a week. Together we can make a massive difference. I'm on the journey of trying to evolve things myself and I hope you can come with me. Thanks to organisations like WWF, when you become aware of issues, it's hard to ignore them."

Modern Greek salad spinach, chickpea & feta parcels


On Saturday 23 March at 8.30pm, hundreds of millions of people across the world are expected to turn off their lights for an hour to show they care about the future of our planet.Make sure you eat before Earth Hour by keeping the prep time low. A food processor such as Tefal Fresh Express is perfect as it chops fruit and veg in an instant so that it's ready to throw into a bowl or put straight in the pan.

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