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St George's Day: 5 diet tips for traditional English dishes

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As the nation and its famous English roses celebrate St George's Day – while looking after their waistline – HELLO! Online has 5 diet tips to make that English favourite healthier, cut down on fat and slice off a few of the calories.Fashion queen Victoria Beckham has often spoken of being proud of her roots, and, shortly after the Beckhams' relocation to London, she was spotted grabbing fish and chips with her son Cruz. Oscar-winning singer Adele, another star who has shared her pride at being English, has revealed that one of her favourite meals is "a big fry-up". 

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We're sure that famous English actresses Dame Helen Mirren, who took on the challenging role of playing Queen Elizabeth II in the Stephen Frears-directed The Queen, and Kate Winslet love the likes of a Sunday roast, traditional lasagne and old classic, sausageand chips, and we've got healthy, low-fat versions of them all...English breakfastWe all love a classic English breakfast on a Sunday morning. Make it healthier by swapping fried middle bacon with a fried egg and baked beans for lean grilled bacon, a scrambled egg and baked beans and save 142.3 calories and 14.4g fat.Roast beef with roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and vegetablesGo for a chicken roast saddle instead of roast beef to cut down on 436 calories and 28g fat. 


Sausage and mashBy simply exchanging pork and herb sausages for turkey sausages reduces the energy intake by 226 calories and 26.9 g fat.Fish and chipsInstead of the usual fried fish and chips, try baked cod with salsa and rosemary potatoes to save 1478.3 calories and 99g fat.LasagneWatching your waistline but don't want to miss out on that delicious lasagne? Swap beef for chicken and bacon and save 99.4 calories and 16.3g fat.For more weight loss tips visit

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