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Eat like Beyoncé Knowles for a day with our pick of vegan recipes

Portobello Burger2
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Beyoncé Knowles brought veganism into the spotlight this week when she announced through a clip on Good Morning America that she was going vegan – again. The star, who has embarked on 22-day periods of following the plant-based diet, has hailed it for her firmer skin and weight loss. Jennifer Lopez has also attributed higher energy levels to going vegan, and a host of other stars are huge fans of the meat and dairy-free lifestyle.Considering going vegan? We get the download from Lee Watson and his new cookbook, Peace & Parsnips The Vegan Cookbook For Everyone, and four delicious recipes that'll give you a taste of eating à la Beyoncé for a day.


Breakfast Burrito
Kick off the day with a vegan plantain breakfast burrito

Plantain breakfast burrito with pico de gallo"Vegan cooking is all about creativity; it's full of surprises, new techniques and ways of using ingredients," says Lee, who has travelled the world to learn about food, co-starred in a Fox Network TV series Meat vs Veg and cooked in fine-dining restaurants and a London food start-up. "Anybody can have a go at going vegan. I know that anybody can do it because I have…After leaving meat off my plate for the last five years, I've never felt more energetic, happy and healthy."Braised cauliflower and puy lentil tabouleh

Cauliflower Puy Lenti
Vegan lunch: braised cauliflower and puy lentil tabouleh

The new cookbook Peace & Parsnips invites the discovery and delights of fresh produce – vegetables like swede, beetroot, kale, mushrooms, sweet potato and pak choi, herbs and fruit including quinces, pomegranates, blueberries and figs – in easy-to-cook recipes that are varied, nutritious and delicious.From burgers, such as the portobello pecan burger with roasted pumpkin wedges, to inspirational breakfasts like a plantain breakfast burrito, Lee wants to transform the typical concept of vegan cooking.Vegan portobello pecan burger with roasted pumpkin wedges

Portobello Burger2
Going vegan looks very appetising with this portobello pecan burger with roasted pumpkin wedges recipe

Not only does he remind us of the huge wealth of produce available to us, he also shows that going vegan can be tastier and sweeter than ever – think raw blueberry and macadamia cheesecake.And of course, the author reminds us of the ethical decision behind veganism – and that the diet isn't all about weight loss. He points out: "The meat industry is now a larger contributor to climate change than the entire transport industry.Vegan raw blueberry and macadamia cheesecake

Raw cheesecake
Desserts are very much on the vegan menu with this raw blueberry and macadamia cheesecake

"The more people who choose to eat vegan meals more regularly, the greater the opportunity we have to stem the tide of pollution and disruption to nature and the greater hope we offer to future generations."To celebrate the launch of his cookbook, Lee has shared four vegan recipes that give a glimpse of what going vegan for a day would taste like. See recipes below.

Peace & Parsnips by Lee Watson is out now and published by Michael Joseph

Plantain breakfast burrito with pico de galloBraised cauliflower and puy lentil taboulehVegan portobello pecan burger with roasted pumpkin wedgesVegan raw blueberry and macadamia cheesecake

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