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Aldi is bringing out mince pie flavoured ice cream for Christmas 

It won’t be for everyone, but it’ll definitely be for some... 

Aldi is bringing out mince pie flavoured ice cream for Christmas 

Have you scoffed your first mince pie of the year yet? We all know the baked good is a Christmas miracle and now, according to Aldi, we need a scoop of Mince Pie and Brandy Butter Ice Cream to go with it on the side, and d’ya know what, we’re not putting up a fight. For its 2018 Christmas offering, the budget store is giving customers three new flavoured ice creams - and one of those is Mince Pie & Brandy Butter flavoured. Yum! 

For the classy guys and gals, you’ll be excited to know that another flavour ice cream is coming to an Aldi freezer near you. And yep, it’s the very sophisticated Espresso Martini Ice Cream. So if you love sipping your indulgent caffeinated cocktail at a fancy bar, you’re in luck, there’s an ice cream flavour you can tuck into from the comfort of your own home. 

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Last but certainly not least, a Gingerbread Latte Ice Cream is another addition to the Christmas range. Just in time for your Christmas dinner party - go figure! 

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We all know Christmas is a time for sharing but we’re not sure we’ll be offering extra spoons with family members when this comes out of the freezer during the Strictly Christmas Special

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If you want even more reason to get involved, they’re gluten free AND are priced at a very reasonable £2.49 for a 480ml tub.  

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