Wine advent calendars that contain bottles behind every door for a very *merry* Christmas

Rise and wine!

Anna Johnstone

We're startying to feel seriously festive now we're inching the Christmas season, and during December we get pretty excited about partying all night long with something to look forward to in the morning. Which is why we are very excited about all the upcoming boozy advent calendars, because instead of a boring Christmas tree shaped milk chocolate, each door contains a bottle of either red, white, rose, or sparkling wine.

Aldi Wine Advent Calendar

We predict this Aldi advent calendar will be a sell-out

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This boozy calendar was brought out in 2017 and (obviously) flew off the shelves because there’s nothing Brits like more than bargains, wine, and surprises. Their new version for 2018 is very similar; it's shaped a little like a Christmas tree and contains 24 doors full of (sadly, miniature) booze. One HELLO! reader actually took to Facebook to say: "Bit small lol, one sip a day is sadly not enough!" - so maybe we need to look out next year for a full sized ones. The £49.99 calendar went on sale on 4th November, but there are usually a limited number available (and it’s while stocks last), so you'll have to keep an eye on shelves.

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Freixenet Prosecco Advent Calendar

Have you seen anything prettier than this Freixenet calendar? *Sighs*. It's perfect for your most glamorous friend, as there are miniature bottles of prosecco behind the very glitzy doors, as well as a mixture of beauty treats such as Nails Inc nail polishes (in suitably sparkling shades), prosecco bath bombs, and aromatic candles. If you (or your friend!) spend enough time partying during the month of December so don't need a miniature bottle of wine every day, then this is ideal to mix it up. Plus, who doesn't love prosecco instead? Pour a glass, paint your nails, and pamper yourself with this decadent option

£75, Freixenet

Virgin Wine Advent Calendar

This calendar even comes with a digital wine tasting experience

If you really want to feel like a wine connoisseur, then this one is for you. Packed with Virgin’s highest rating and award-winning wines, this calendar also comes with a ‘digital wine tasting experience’. Instead of just slurping your glass and forgetting, you can check the interactive experience online, where you’ll see videos, food-matching tips, and fact files. So you can really wow your Christmas party guests with your impressive knowledge (and we won’t tell that you only found out that morning). In total, the calendar includes 11 reds, eight whites, one rosé, three fizzes and one port.

£79.99, Virgin.

Laithwaites Wine Advent Calendar

This option comes in a fun festive box which we love - as it looks a little like a proper wine rack. Each box contains a mini bottle of wine, such as Kiwi Sauvignon, Aussie Shiraz or prosecco, but the real treat is behind door 24. To really toast Christmas Eve, you can expect a bottle of Gold medal-winning champagne! Just make sure you open it in the morning so that you have time to chill it for the evening, of course.

£79.99, Laithwaites

Very 12 Days of Wine Advent Clock

Can't face 24 bottles of booze? We don't blame you, so the softer option is this '12 Days of Wine' option by Very to pace yourself through December. The funky clock design will look fab in your kitchen, or you could try the ultimate challenge of having one per hour for a day (although we definitely don't recommend that one). It includes a mix of white, red, and rose wines, and maybe you could try and amend the lyrics to 'Twelve Days of Christmas' using the names. Just don't try it after you've had a couple.


Although your decision is made daily about what wine you’re opening, you do have the choice of having a daily tipple, or perhaps keeping a few bottles for the weekend and hosting a ‘tasting’ session…However, if you don’t manage to get your hands on one, then you can still grab a few bottles of wine anyway, and treat yourself to a glass every day in December anyway. It’s festive to have a merry Christmas, after all. Hic.

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