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Woah! Selfridges is selling an advent calendar for mince pie lovers

Treat yourself to 25 days of mince pies...

mince pie calendar

Santa Claus may get an abundance of mince pies on Christmas Eve but now we can get one every single day thanks to Selfridges! We all love the classic chocolate advent calendars, and naturally, we're partial to a beauty advent calendar, but now its time to welcome the mince pie advent calendar and boy, it's a goodie.While other novelty advent calendars only have 24 doors, this bad boy has 25 doors to open throughout December and the 25th door takes up 1/6 of the calendar... and we all know what that means - it's going to be a biggie!

mince pie calendar

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Behind each of the doors, you will find an array of specially flavoured mince pies - most of which you probably never knew were mince pie flavours. As well as the traditional recipe, you'll also get almond, chocolate and citrus flavours AND you will also receive *spoiler alert* a slice of delicious Christmas cake on the big day. 

Not sounding festive enough? No worries, Selfridges is also releasing a whole Chrismas range to go along with the festive mince pie calendar. The range will, of course, contain a Christmas pud - a Cherry & Amaretto Pudding to be exact - as well as a Vegan Figgy Pudding that has been steeped in cider, brandy and orange flavoured liqueur - form an orderley queue ladies and gentlemen!

christmas cake

And the fun doesn't stop there, what's Christmas without a Panettone lying around? Selfridges has two choices for you in the range; the Italian Salted Caramel Panettone and one very important type for the PSL lovers, the Vegan Pumpkin Spiced Panettone. There are also four different types of festive teas, an Artisan Christmas cake, an edible Gingerbread Snowglobe and a WHOLE lot more. So whether you love Christmas or just love food, we'd advise heading down to Selfridges this festive period and raiding the Christmas selection - what's a better excuse than Christmas to overindulge? Meet you there! 

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