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Crisp lovers, rejoice! Pringles launches an advent calendar (but be warned, once you pop you can't stop)

An advent calendar for the crisp lovers out there

pringles advent calendar

As controversial as it may be - Chocolate lovers, cover your ears - some of us just don't have a sweet tooth. Whilst there are those who can gorge on giant bars of Cadbury chocolate for lunch and destroy a ten-story tower of pancakes for breakfast, there are others who nurse an addiction on the other side of the spectrum. We're talking about those of us who purchase a multi-bag of Walkers crisps knowing proudly that we will consume the entire multi-buy alone by the end of the evening. And those who find single-handedly demolishing a 'share' bag of crisps to be a common occurrence - sound familiar? Then have we got some news for you! Pringles has brought out an advent calendar and it's as addictive as it sounds.

pringles advent calendar closed

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Yes, that's not a typo. In this 12-day calendar of salty potato goodness, you will be treated to a small tub of pringles behind each door. Containing all the OG Pringles flavours; Original, Sour Cream & Onion, Salt & Vinegar and Texas BBQ Sauce you really can't go wrong with this calendar. Although we would like to petition for a Chrismas flavour behind one of the doors next year - We remember those X-mas dinner flavours from 2018, Pringles!

The Merry Pringles advent calendar is currently being sold for £16.80 on Amazon and although that is a higher price tag than your usual tube of Pringles, fans of the addictive crisps will understand that the excitement behind each door is worth the extra pound or two. However, for those lucky enough to live near a B&M store, the calendars are currently being sold for £7.99 and if you get your hands on it at this price, you're looking at around 66p per tub which is cheaper than your average small tub. But be quick, we know it's only September but apparently these calendar's are SO popular they are being bought in bulk and flogged on eBay - so be sure to get your hands on one soon to avoid disappointment or a hefty price tag.

pringles advent calendar open

However, these small Pringles tubs may not be enough to fuel your crisp addiction if you're as addicted as us, so there is absolutely no judgement here if you purchase more than one of the calendars or even a normal size tub as well - in fact, we'd ENCOURAGE it. After all, once you pop, you can't stop!

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