Supermarket shopping list during lockdown: Fresh foods, household essentials, store cupboard stock and buying for young children

Take this list with you to the shops

Megan Bull

With the UK on lockdown, many families across the country are putting more thought than ever into their weekly shops. Before planning to head to your nearest supermarket or arranging to have food delivered in the coming weeks, we recommend scrolling over our complete shopping list to make sure you get everything you need. From fresh foods and household essentials, to store cupboard stock and buying for young children or pets, this roundup will help you to tick all the boxes. 

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Fresh food

Make sure to grab some fresh food for the week, so that you can make plenty of tasty meals for you and yours. In particular, try and grab some fruit and veg to maintain optimum vitamin and mineral levels. 

1) Milk 

2) Juices 

3) Butter

4) Meat 

5) Fish

6) Fruit 

7) Vegetables 

8) Bread 

9) Cheese

10) Salad

11) Eggs

12) Yoghurt


Store cupboard 

Store cupboard foods can go a long way - whether you’re looking for tinned tomatoes to make a homemade sauce or baked beans to add to your morning slice of toast, we’ve got you covered. 

13) Tinned tomatoes

14) Soups 

15) Sauces

16) Breakfast Cereals 

17) Rice

18) Pasta

19) Noodles

20) Pulses 

21) Condiments

22) Coffee

23) Tea

24) Sugar 

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Frozen Foods 

Sometimes it’s easier to stick some frozen food in the oven and have an easy night in, free from stress. If you’re running low on fresh foods, these frozen options will keep you going. 

25) Pizza

26) Chips 

27) Frozen vegetables 

28) Frozen fruit 

29) Frozen fish 



With everyone at home, why not indulge in a little spring clean? Tidy kitchen, tidy mind! 

30) Bin bags

31) Kitchen roll 

32) Foil

33) Dishwasher tablets

34) Washing up liquid

35) Washing powder

36) Fabric softener



All the essentials to help you get out of your pyjamas and leave you feeling fresh and clean.

37) Toilet roll

38) Toothpaste

39) Soap

40) Shampoo 

41) Conditioner 

42) Sanitary products


Baby and toddler

Keep your little ones feeling comfortable with these baby and toddler specific items.

43) Nappies/ underwear

44) Wet wipes

45) Dummies or comforters

46) Clothes

47) Specific toiletries for children such as sensitive shampoo



Everything you’ll need to keep your furry friends happy as can be.

48) Pet food

49) Poo bags 


Non-essential treats

For anyone desperate to indulge a craving...

50) Chocolate

51) Wine

52) Beer

53) Biscuits 

54) Soft drinks 

55) Crisps

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