The Queen eats her burgers in a rather unusual way – and it's quite posh

The monarch's former chef revealed the fascinating fact

Sophie Hamilton

One of the questions many royal fans wonder is what's on the Queen's menu at home – be it at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle or summers at Balmoral in Scotland.

We know the monarch asks for her daily menu to be written in French (did you know Her Majesty is actually fluent in the language?) and she sticks to a rigid meal pattern of breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. The Queen is also not a huge fan of heavy carbs, preferring to stick to meat or fish and vegetables.

Now her former chef, Darren McGrady, has shared a fascinating snippet on how the mother-of-four eats a burger, and we're amazed.

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Speaking to Insider, Darren said: "Her Majesty's Victorian upbringing dictates that the only thing you would pick up and eat with your fingers is afternoon tea." She, therefore, does not eat fast food but does enjoy a burger now and again.

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The Queen dresses in a more relaxed way at home in Scotland

The chef explained how he would make burgers from the deer the royals would shoot at Balmoral, and he would then stuff the venison with other ingredients including cranberries. However, the BIG difference between how we eat a burger and how the Queen eats a burger is this: she ditches the bun.

"They would have burgers, but not the buns. So they would eat it with their knife and fork," he added.


The monarch prefers her burger without the bun

Well, that's a new one. A burger without a bun, and not in one's hand? We're not sure we'd be able to follow this protocol… unless we were dining with Her Majesty perhaps.

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