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What is The Always Pan? The kitchenware brand you're seeing ALL over Instagram is now available in the UK

The Always Pan had a waiting list of over 50,000 - and it's now available in the UK 

What is The Always Pan? The kitchenware brand you're seeing ALL over Instagram is now available in the UK

It's not often you can get people excited about a new pan for the kitchen. Yes, Le Creuset definitely has its fan base, and maybe Smeg can get people hot under the collar sometimes as well, but now there's a new kitchenware brand making people swoon. In fact, you might have already seen it -  it's a brand called Our Place, and in the US there was a waiting list for its viral pan called The Always Pan and it amassed over 55,000 in the virtual queue.  

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our pan

The Always Pan in Zest, £140, Our Place


The ethically made and stylish cookware is designed to be fuss-free for all of us home cooks, and if you're anything like me - this past 18 months has taught me one thing - that I need to seriously up my game in the kitchen. 

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What is The Always Pan?

The signature piece, The Always Pan (£140), has been dubbed "the kitchen magician" by Oprah Winfrey, a "pan for just about anything" by the New York Times and "the pan that took Instagram by storm" by Fortune Magazine. It has already sold out 10 times over and has a real cult following. 

Our Place was born in 2019 and is now finally available to shop in the UK. There are plenty of colours to choose from, but we hear from across the pond that the yellow one is the new and exciting one. 

What's more, these make perfect gifts. Select 'Add a gift note to your order' in your cart at checkout and you can then include a customised message.

What's so good about The Always Pan?

What's so special about a pan? I hear you cry. Well, The Always Pan is a multifunctional pan that does more with less, replacing eight pieces of cookware in one. It's basically designed to be deep enough to cook pasta, but shallow and wide enough to fry an egg. It also includes a removable steamer basket, nesting spatula, and has a pour spout to easily pour or transfer a sauce. 

our pan pic apart

The Always Pan in Steam, £140, Our Place


Its purposeful design is hassle-free, enabling you to spend less time fussing with equipment and more time around the dinner table. Or, if you're anything like me, scrolling Instagram as you wait for your meal to cook. 

What are the 8 cookware items the Always Pan replaces?

1. Steamer & strainer (each Always Pan has a steamer basket included!)

2. Sautee pan

3. Saucepan

4. Saucier (which is just a rounded saucepan!)

5. Skillet

6. Fry pan

7. Nonstick pan

8. Spoon Rest - there is a built-in spoon rest and comes with a custom spatula designed to fit perfectly. 

There are other items to buy; from drinking glasses to plates, side bowls and a steamer, but it's the pan that has everyone in a frenzy. It helps that they're super Instagrammable. 

Who invented The Always Pan?

The business was co-founded by Shiza Shahid - the co-founder and former CEO of the Malala Fund, and one of TIME Magazine’s "30 Under 30 World Changers".  Shiza grew up in Pakistan, where home cooking was at the forefront of her culture. When she immigrated to America, she saw a gap in the kitchenware market – there wasn’t a brand that made products for the multicultural cook, one that made home cooking simple and fun, and celebrated food traditions from diverse cultures. 

Is the Always Pan worth it?

This has revolutionised my kitchen. I haven't used another pan since I started using this - it just works for everything. It also looks so good that I keep it on the worktop for decoration. I was worried about the fact it couldn't go in the dishwasher, but it's actually very easy to wipe clean. I love it! 

Available now on, with prices starting at £140. 

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