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Princess Diana's real royal chef says 'Spencer' was full of untruths - details

Darren McGrady was royal chef to Princess Diana

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Georgia Brown
Senior Lifestyle & Fashion Writer
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Princess Diana's former royal chef Darren McGrady has taken to YouTube to give his honest review of Spencer, the latest Hollywood blockbuster that sees Kristen Stewart play the Princess of Wales - claiming lots of the events portrayed in the film were totally untrue.

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The former palace chef admitted he got "goosebumps" watching the film. "For just a few minutes it took me back there, I really imagined it was Princess Diana saying 'hello Darren'", he told his subscribers. "Though Sean Harris [who plays Darren McGrady in the film] called her 'Diana', I respected her title far too much for that - I always called her Your Royal Highness," explained the former royal chef. 

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Remembering his days at Sandringham's kitchen cooking for the royal and a young Prince William and Prince Harry, Darren revealed the movie showed "enough food to feed a whole cruise ship," explaining that there were actually only five chefs at Sandringham. "We'd be working through the night to get that amount of food done!"

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Revealing Princess Diana's favourite pudding was crêpe soufflé, Darren explained he would always offer the Queen one dessert she didn't like, followed by his crepe souffle - knowing the monarch would coincidentally pick Princess Diana's favourite.

darren mcgrady

Chef Darren McGrady gave his review of Spencer on his YouTube channel

"It worked every time, so the princess got her crêpe soufflé whenever she came to visit the queen", Darren continued.  

The sweet treat was clearly popular with anyone who tried it, as Darren revealed kitchen staff would rush to get their hands on the leftovers. "When the platter came back from the royal dining room to the kitchen, I had to fight off all the other chefs from digging in.

princess diana dungarees

Princess Diana loved to eat crepe souffle

"I'd put it into the warmer and wait, because I knew the princess would come down to the kitchen for seconds - she was too scared to ask for seconds in front of the Queen!"

Remembering his special bond with the late Princess, Darren continued: "She'd come down and she'd just sit on the kitchen worktop, just eating away at this crepe souffle… they were fun times."

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