Trendy high-street giant Miss Sixty attracted such style setters as Anne Hathaway, Chloe Sevigny, Ashley Olsen and Milla Jovovich
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Joss and Rihanna took in the way-out offerings of Proenza Schouler
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Famous faces scout out hot designs for winter 2008/2009

Nothing brings out New York's coolest residents quite like fashion week, when America's most sartorially savvy city is a whirl of shows and parties.

At Miss Sixty's catwalk extravaganza the front row was packed with Big Apple style mavens such as actresses Chloe Sevigny and Anne Hathaway, star of fashion industry flick The Devil Wears Prada.

The two movie stars took notes and chatted eagerly with fellow actress Milla Jovovich at the showing, which was inspired by the 'rock and roll attitude' of Performance - the surreal 1968 cult film featuring Mick Jagger.

Over at Proenza Schouler, pop sensations Rihanna and Joss Stone were among the celebs checking out the experimental creations on display.

Taking inspiration from paper aeroplanes, the New York-based design duo had fashioned garments without seams. In one daring example, a single 20-metre piece of cloth was folded and re-folded to create three items of clothing a coat, waistcoat and jacket.