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Blogger Marianna Hewitt reveals how to get more Instagram followers

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Fashion and lifestyle blogger Marianna Hewitt first shot to fame when she revealed bloggers' secrets to editing Instagram photos, and now she's revealed her secrets for getting more followers on the photo-sharing app with Harpers Bazaar. From how to interact with users to connecting to other social media websites, we take a look at her top tips…

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Marianna Hewitt has over 436,000 followers on Instagram

First and foremost is quality content

Having an overall visually-appealing feed will help you gain followers the instant they come across your profile. At any moment someone can stumble across your profile. Without even clicking on a photo, this person should be able to tell what they will be getting from you in the first nine photos they see on your feed."

Develop your signature aesthetic

This goes along with having a clear point of view and a cohesive feed. All bloggers have very specific ways in which they post photos and colours or filters that they avoid. Give yourself a set of style rules and stick to those constraints. This will give your overall feed consistency.

Get larger social media accounts to repost your photos

This is the easiest way to gain followers fast. For fashion bloggers, post a strong image of you wearing a brand and tag it in the photo—especially if you know this is a brand that frequently regrams its followers.

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Marianna suggests having a consistent feed to gain more followers

Comment and engage

Comment on other Instagrams with photo feeds that are similar to your own. When you comment on another blogger's photos, you're increasing the visibility of your own Instagram handle. When another blogger in turn comments on your Instagram, your photo will show up on the popular feeds of their followers, creating a great opportunity for you to gain new followers.

Try Taylor Swift's girl squad method

Collaborate with Instagrammers and bloggers that have a style similar to your own. The "Follow Friday" tag works really well—tag each other to share followers and gain new ones. If possible, take these photos together to make it seem more organic. Think of Taylor Swift and her besties. They benefit from posting photos together on Instagram in terms of followers and popularity.

Connect your images to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr

For Twitter, shorten your caption and include brands if tagging outfits. Likely they will RT you and you can gain followers across multiple platforms at once.