Get Kate's Scottish-inspired look for less as designer Le Kilt teams up with ASOS

For her trip to Scotland back in February, Kate paid tribute to the country by wearing a kilt created by Scottish designer, Le Kilt. Now thanks to ASOS you can create the Duchess of Cambridge's look for less!

The mum-of-two's 100 percent British wool, A-line skirt costs a pretty penny at around £470, but thanks to the brand's capsule collection, royal fans can dress like Kate without paying an arm and a leg.



Le Kilt's ASOS version is £45, while their custom style, worn by Kate, right, is nearly £500

Le Kilt, which was founded in 2014 by Samantha McCoach, teamed up with the online retailer to design a collection of pleated and checkered pieces including shirts, dresses and skirts — similar to the houndstooth piece worn by the stylish 34-year-old, complete with a traditional kilt pin.

The items from the exclusive collection all ring in below £75. Samantha, who had a vision of adding modernity to her family's kilt-making heritage, previously shared her excitement of having Kate wear one of her pieces.

The designer told The Telegraph: "It feels great, it's fantastic to see the Duchess is supporting young new brands. This is amazing! I work with a lot of 'made in UK' workshops and factories, as well as British manufacturing and this is a huge support."

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